10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Understand

Minecraft Dungeons quickly became the internet’s new favorite game, and while it didn’t reach the levels of its best-selling predecessor (the original version of Minecraft has, to date, sold nearly two hundred million copies), it is sure to become an important part of the series’ canon. With so many fans getting into it so quickly, it makes sense that the subject would be a meme to death, and it has been, especially on meme-focused sites like Reddit and Facebook.

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Some memes, however, are better than others, especially those with extra details proving that only true fans of the game could have written them.


ten Press F to pay tribute

One of the most popular memes of the last decade is an image from the game Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfarein which there is a burial facility, and a prompt given to the player “Press F to pay your respects”.

This has led to people commenting “F” on posts relating to comedic or cringe-worthy misfortunes. This meme references the Key Golem in Minecraft Dungeonsand how, viewed from the side, it looks like an “F.”

9 The passage of time

Many people were waiting Minecraft Dungeons on the launch date, and nothing slows time down than having something to look forward to.

As the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun”, but apparently when you’re expecting something, it moves like a snail.

8 The game will unlock at 10:00 a.m.

Those who waited impatiently Minecraft Dungeons at least had one consolation: they knew when the game would unlock, so they could prepare for the big moment.

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However, some fans just stared at the message telling them the game’s release time, watching the clock tick by as it got closer and closer to 10.

7 When it doesn’t work

Even though you waited Minecraft Dungeonsit is still possible that it does not work on your computer.

Granted, the most tech-savvy fans should be able to find and fix the problem shortly, but for those whose best option is to contact customer support, it’s undoubtedly disappointing to wait so long for something. thing only for it to not even be usable.

6 i am irrelevant

One of the most commented on features of Minecraft Dungeons were his many additions to Minecraft lore, additions that make the last game that tried to give the Minecraft more worldbuilding universe, Minecraft: story modeseem out of place at best.

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The world of Minecraft developed and, unfortunately, Story Mode no longer really had a purpose to serve in terms of barrel forging.

5 I don’t even know who you are

This meme takes an image of Scarlet Witch taking on Thanos in the 2019 Marvel blockbuster Avengers: Endgameand modifies it so that the offending party that “took it all” Minecraft: story mode is nothing else that Minecraft Dungeons.

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While it’s true that Minecraft Dungeons rendered Story Mode pointless at best, many fans agree it was time for a development anyway, which makes Story Modeis the construction of the world a necessary victim.

4 It’s just a theory

The Game Theorists is a YouTube channel, run by influencer Matthew Robert “MatPat” Patrick, which aims to break down fan theories on popular video games for its over ten million subscribers.

While MatPat has uncovered the hidden secrets of some of the most confusing games, with its convoluted lore and many Easter Eggs, Minecraft Dungeons might just turn out to be too much for him.

3 I like this one

Some hardcore gamers may be understandably upset by the ability to manipulate Minecraft Dungeons in a way that makes playing a lot easier, but looking at the flip side of the coin, games are ultimately meant to be fun and entertaining, and putting strict requirements on how easy or difficult a game is doesn’t help anyone .

The meme creator seems to be siding with the devs on this one, as the accompanying Avengers: Endgame would still suggest.

2 half a heart

Many people have noticed the durability of the hearts in the Minecraft Dungeons game compared to the original Minecraft Game. Half a mortal heart in Minecraft is a fact that all fans of the greatest game know; even the lyrics of the tube Minecraft the parody song “Revenge” refers to it.

But in Minecraft Dungeonsit seems like the roles are reversed and half a heart suddenly isn’t so bad after all.

1 Minecraft is superior

The Drake meme format, which revolves around ranking two things based on which is superior (the top image referring to the worst thing and the bottom image referring to the best thing), can be a staple of Internet, but like most things on the Internet, could do with an upgrade.

Concrete example, this Minecraft Dungeons the classic macro modification looks extremely cool; I hope fans of the game will like it.

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