10 Things That Make No Sense In Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons has lots of unique and fun mechanics for players to discover; however, there are also some that are very particular. Strange things in Minecraft Dungeons, like enemies that pop up out of nowhere and the main plot that doesn’t make much sense, calls into question the validity of the logic in the game.

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Fans are hoping they get an answer to some of these weird things in the future that might explain why these weird events and mechanics are there. With so much stuff packed into this dungeon crawler, there had to be a bunch of weird mechanics.


ten Enemies do not attack passive mobs

Although this is also the case in Minecraftthe enemies in Minecraft Dungeons do not attack passive mobs such as cows and sheep. This is very peculiar as fans would expect monsters to want to attack animals since they are attacking the player.

Realistically, if something is hostile towards humans, then it’s probably also going to be hostile towards animals, and fans don’t understand why the enemies in Minecraft Dungeons nor would he when he sank his teeth into a pig.

9 Players can equip multiple pets at once

There are many different artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons, and there are a few that allow the player to spawn pets to aid them, such as iron golems and wolves. These Artifacts are very powerful, and as such, players have no idea why they can generate more than one at a time by equipping a bunch of Pet Artifacts.

This build is somewhat overpowered, and players are starting to realize that this is a case, which is why it confuses a lot of players, and this mechanic doesn’t make much sense. While being able to summon multiple animals at once is mastered, it’s also incredibly fun, so players aren’t complaining too much.

8 The key element has a face

The key element inside Minecraft Dungeons actually has a face, and it can be seen wiggling while being carried on players’ backs. This is very strange because most players wouldn’t expect a key to be alive.

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This key also seems to have all the expression-based personality it is capable of putting on, and that only makes this creature even weirder. There may be an explanation of the Living Key in the future, but fans aren’t holding their breath.

seven Piston trampolines

There are reciprocating trampolines everywhere Minecraft Dungeons both in the final level and in the homeworld after beating the game for the first time. Trampoline pistons such as these are not present in the main game of Minecraft, leading fans to believe they haven’t won much from the Redstone Circuit.

There must be a logical explanation for how these pistons work; however, players haven’t figured it out yet, and it’s quite a confusing mechanic. However, the trampoline plungers are also a lot of fun, so players are hoping to see more of them in future levels!

6 Merchant and Blacksmith have unlimited items to sell

The merchant and blacksmith of the homeworld of Minecraft Dungeons well sell the player random loot drops for emeralds. Their stock never seems to run out of items, which is very peculiar because realistically they can’t keep creating items out of thin air.

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These items are also usually very powerful which makes it even more confusing as players cannot figure out how they would get all of these items without diving into dungeons. These two merchants are very weird!

5 Consumables dropped by enemies

enemies in Minecraft Dungeons drop consumables ranging from potions to food items. While this mechanic is great, it doesn’t make much sense, especially since zombies and skeletons don’t need to eat meat to survive.

Players wonder why these mobs would carry potions or food and never use them during combat. Regardless of how quirky this mechanic is, fans are happy that it was included in the final version of the game.

4 The Illager Plot

The village conspiracy in Minecraft Dungeons does not make sense for various reasons. The Illager is seen early in the game being bullied by other villagers, and as such decides to become an evil menace.

When the player defeats this boss at the end of the game, they will find that the Illager is more than willing to calm down, and the player will even extend their hand in friendship to the Illager. This rapid plot change from bad to good doesn’t make sense and players are quite confused by it.

3 Redstone Golems

There are Redstone Golems present in Minecraft Dungeons, and the reason it doesn’t make sense is that players have never seen anything like it in the original game of Minecraft. Fans are also wondering how these enemies were created because, realistically, they should be some sort of Redstone robot that a mechanic brought into existence.

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Because there is no explanation for these golems, players are puzzled as to how they appeared, and hopefully there will be some sort of answer in a future expansion.

2 Water does not affect the player

When a player jumps into water, it will have no effect on them and they will not move at all despite being inactive. This is very strange because, in real life, water would usually push a person; however, in Minecraft Dungeons, it does no such thing.

This is true for both water that is moving and water that is static, and the liquid has no effect on the player character, leading fans to wonder why there was no mechanism added in the game that moves the player with the current of water. Water should affect the player, and the lack of effect leads players to wonder why the water in Minecraft Dungeons was designed that way.

1 Illager and Necromancer can spawn monsters

This mechanic isn’t just true for the Illager; it is also present in the necromancer enemy. Most bosses also share this mechanic to some degree, though these two enemies are the most notable of the bunch.

These enemies are able to summon monsters out of thin air, and while that would make sense under certain circumstances, the amount of enemies that can spawn out of nowhere is pretty bizarre. Usually, necromancy is supposed to bring the dead back to life, but in this case it creates enemies out of thin air, and it’s one of the weirdest things that happens in everyone. Minecraft Dungeons, and that makes absolutely no sense.

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