It looks like a brand new update was released today (March 24th) for Minecraft Dungeonsso we’ve gathered everything you need to know about the new update, including the full patch notes. Minecraft is literally the most popular game on the planet, with gamers of all ages obsessed with the originalRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons forgoes traditional class-based systems in favor of a gear-based leveling system involving enchantments. These enchantments can drastically alter the power levels and abilities of your weapon or armor, and dictate your Minecraft Dungeons character’s playstyle. However, with some gear having up to three enchantment slots, is it possibleRead More →

Minecraft follows the official release on 1.16.210 with a brand new beta version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta includes a handful of bugfixes for testers to, well, put through their paces. While there are some general fixes and improvements here, the most notable fixes are forRead More →

When you think of playing Minecraft, or more specifically the spin-off game Minecraft Dungeons, you probably imagine playing it on a PC. Maybe you’re on a couch, playing on your Xbox with a friend by your side. Mojang and Play Mechanix have something else in mind with Minecraft Dungeons Arcade,Read More →

Mojang Studios is teaming up with legendary arcade company Play Mechanix, who have designed an awesome arcade cabinet for Minecraft Dungeons. The Minecraft Dungeons present on this machine are not quite the same version of Minecraft Dungeons that you know, as Mojang Studios has made many changes to make MinecraftRead More →

What do you want to know The latest Minecraft Dungeons update is “Flames of the Nether”, which introduced the fiery dimension of the Nether. Bringing the Nether to Minecraft Dungeons was apparently quite a challenge and spawned hundreds of concept art images. A new interview with developers at Mojang StudiosRead More →