Many Minecraft players may be focusing on the latest Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta today, but Mojang Studios isn’t stopping with this experimental installment of the next major update. The current public version of Minecraft is update 1.17.30, which was released with a significant number of changes, quality of life improvements,Read More →

Much like dungeon crawlers, Minecraft Dungeons features a large number of enchantments that bestow different effects on a hero’s gear. These are applied regardless of whether they are found on items or applied by the player. For players wanting to choose their own enchantments for their gear, Minecraft Dungeons offersRead More →

According to a prominent Xbox insider, Xbox Game Studios and Mojang Studios are working on not one, but two new Minecraft games, presumably derivative in nature, as it is unlikely that Microsoft is about to retire the “Minecraft 2” trigger. The report comes the way of Jez Corden, who doesRead More →

PC gamers might be pleased to know about a Steam version of Minecraft Dungeons is available from today and comes in 2 different versions offering the base game or Ultimate Edition to purchase and add to your Steam account. “Fight your way through an exciting action-adventure game, inspired by classicRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons is now available on Steam after releasing everywhere else last May. It may have taken a while, but Microsoft’s hack-‘n-slash adventure has finally arrived on Steam. Minecraft Dungeons is now available on the biggest PC gaming platform with its six DLCs. Minecraft Dungeons first arrived last year onRead More →

There are many types of weapons that Minecraft Dungeons players can use. Regular Minecraft has around five legitimate weapons provided to players, but in Minecraft Dungeons the list is nearly endless. There are different classes of weapons, and each has advantages and disadvantages over the others. Some weapons have advantagesRead More →

There are many Minecraft achievements for Bedrock Edition players, some more difficult than others. One achievement, “Sleep With the Fishes”, requires them to spend a day in the game underwater with no air. While this may seem considerably daunting, it can be achieved relatively easily using different structures that stillRead More →

What do you want to know Mojang Studios is currently working on the second part of the 1.18 “Caves and Cliffs” update for Minecraft, which will be a massive release. Today, the studio finally brings the long-awaited features of the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta update to testers. Minecraft: Bedrock EditionRead More →

Minecraft is undoubtedly a game about customization, and player skins are one of the most notable extensions of it. Skins allow Minecraft players to change the look of their avatar and give it a personal touch. Just about every character imaginable has been skinned thanks to Minecraft’s dedicated community, andRead More →

Many Minecraft Dungeons players would agree that defense plays an important role over offense. Armor sets define the player. Players will need to farm armor sets and upgrade them with enchantments and artifacts. In Minecraft Dungeons, players can find a wide variety of armor sets. Each armor has its prosRead More →

With Minecraft’s skyrocketing popularity in the late 2010s, Mojang partnered with Telltale Games to create Minecraft: Story Mode. Releasing episodes from 2015 to 2017, Minecraft: Story Mode was an episodic adventure game that used a point-and-click interface similar to Telltale’s adaptations of The Walking Dead and game of thrones. PlayersRead More →

When Minecraft Dungeons released for the first time, Black-smith was the principal merchant of the Camp. They were unlocked after completing the second mission, liana wood, and would give you random gear pieces in exchange for Emeralds. However, the blacksmith has undergone a significant change after the release of theRead More →