Over the years, Minecraft has seen major growth, some more dramatic than others. Longtime players probably remember when the Nether first appeared, introducing a whole new reality full of danger and a variety of new blocks to gather. After that, the ending offered something similar. Minecraft had its very firstRead More →

WePC is supported by players. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more Last update: April 1, 2022 Just like in real life, scaffolding allows players to build taller structures safely – although many players choose to use this block as aRead More →

Post-apocalyptic MMORPG Fallout 76 gets creative help from the team behind Minecraft Dungeons. Developer Double Eleven confirms it’s working “to create new challenges” for Fallout 76 players, and dataminers believe they’ve already uncovered some of the studio’s work for the upcoming Season 11. More than three years after its release,Read More →

The enchantment system in Minecraft Dungeons is a basic mechanism to increase a hero’s abilities and help build them beyond just acquiring the best gear. The whole system works primarily through enchantment points. Earning enchantment points is one of the easiest processes in Minecraft Dungeons, as the points themselves areRead More →

While exploring dungeons and battling baddies in Minecraft Dungeons is fun, playing with friends makes it even more enjoyable and rewarding. The game supports cross-platform play between consoles and computers. Whether players enjoy the game on console or PC, they will be able to battle monsters and loot gear withRead More →

Now available as a seasonal reward in Minecraft Dungeons, emotes are cool animations that can be performed by the player. What’s interesting about emotes in Minecraft Dungeons is that they work a bit differently than they would in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition platforms. Instead of being accessed through a communication menu,Read More →

If you’re wondering how to make a Minecraft saddle, we have bad news for you: you can’t. Despite Minecraft’s adoration for all things, well, cunningSaddle is one of the items you literally cannot craft in the crafting game no matter how hard you try. If you are looking for aRead More →

Last update: March 26, 2022 An anvil makes a Minecraft player’s life so much easier. It eliminates the need for an enchantment table, repairs tools and armor, and can even be used as a heavy weapon. Crafting an anvil doesn’t take too much effort as long as you have theRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons, the dungeon-crawling action-RPG spin-off of Mojang’s beloved sandbox game, has hit another big milestone. Today, February 8, 2022, Mojang announced that Minecraft Dungeons has surpassed total player count by over 15 million since release. To see the Minecraft Skindex here. The popular hack-and-slash game has yet to celebrateRead More →

Even though we are already halfway through March 2022, Minecraft Bedrock Edition players are undoubtedly always on the lookout for the best seeds to spice up their Survival and Creative mode experiences. Not to mention that thanks to the 1.18 update, the terrain formations of the seed generations can beRead More →

Gunpowder is a fascinating item in Minecraft. It is used to craft all sorts of explosion-related items in the game. All items that explode or have explosive tendencies contain this item. Players have been using it for a long time now. There are several types of mobs, blocks, etc. whichRead More →

Last update: March 15, 2022 Yes, we still play Minecraft. Yes, we love it as much as ever, and yes, WePC’s Minecraft game hub is about to start growing in the attention that one of the greatest games of all time fully deserves. So if there are some things youRead More →

What do you want to know The Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta and Minecraft Preview guarantee a new “Caves and Cliffs Update” on Wednesday. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta includes many new features, including experimental features from “The Wild Update”. The Minecraft Live 2021 crowd vote winner allay debuts in thisRead More →

After spending hours enchanting your armor and weapons in Minecraftyou want to best protect your hard work. Mending is one of the best enchantments in Minecraft as it restores the durability of the item it is applied to using the experience you naturally collect while playing. Repair is a “treasureRead More →

Minecraft Version 1.18.2 is currently out of the snapshot phase. It has been officially released with some slight modifications in the game world and mainly focuses on bug fixing. In this month’s selection of the best Minecraft seeds, you’ll have the chance to explore numerous villages that spawn on topRead More →