5 Best Minecraft Monsters For XP Farming In 2022

Minecraft mobs are living entities that are affected by the physics of the world and also interact with players and other mobs. Mobs represent real creatures that can be found in the living world that have their own distinctive characteristics and properties.

Ever since the OG days of Minecraft, mobs have played a vital role in the game as the world would be an empty place without them. These can be found in several biomes, some of which are exclusive only to that particular biome, depending on the environment and living conditions in it.

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Apart from their existence, they are also very useful in farming for items as they drop multiple stacks of blocks which can be used for survival as food or crafting utilities. Of the many resources players can get from mobs, XP is one of the most popular as it increases the player’s level in the game, which can increase their survivability stats.

As players are always looking for other ways to get XP in the game, they hate the endless work Minecraft survival mode gives them. Here is a list of Minecraft mobs that give maximum XP in 2022.

5 Best Minecraft Mobs To Farm XP From

1) Boss: Dragon and Wither

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The dragon is the creature that gives the most XP in Minecraft. However, he can only be killed once. Generally, Flames and Guardians are the best mobs to farm XP in Minecraft.

Slaying the dragon grants 12,000 XP for the first time. For Withers, it’s only 50 XP, but players can summon them multiple times and earn XP each time. However, if players reach the end, they can kill the ender dragon to get the maximum XP players can get in Minecraft.

2) Zombies

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Zombies and Skeletons are among the most common mobs. These undead mobs can spawn almost anywhere in the Overworld as they are most commonly found where light level is below seven. Using dungeon generators, players can easily create an XP efficient farm with these mobs that can grant players free XP overtime.

Additionally, when a player kills a zombie or skeleton, they get five XP points. Players can transform zombies into drowned or skeletons into wanderers to farm items like copper ingots, arrows of slowness, and more.

3) Riding Mobs/Jockeys

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A very underrated method, riding mobs and jockeys can give players a greater amount of XP than just walking regularly. Players can get the equivalent of two mobs XP when they kill it and sometimes they also get a bonus.

A spider jockey can give between 10 and 13 XP, depending on his skeletal phase and for the chicken jockey, players can get between 22 and 25 XP. It’s a much faster and easier way for players to farm XP and create an auto XP farm with it.

4) Blazes and Guardians

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Blazes and Guardians are one of many mobs that can be used in an XP farm. They both give 10 XP when a player kills them. The good news is that raising these creatures is quite easy.

To farm a Blaze, players will need to find a spawner in the Nether. For a small farm, they can simply protect themselves by building walls around the spawner. Then players can simply open a block to kill the blaze without any damage and get all the free XP they can get.

5) Enderman

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Enderman is the only Minecraft monster that appears in all three dimensions. However, the final dimension is his original home. Players can build very efficient XP farms in the end.

Killing an Enderman drops the same amount of XP as Zombies, Skeletons, Vines, etc. However, Endermen XP farms can provide tons of XP in minutes due to their high spawn rate.

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