Ask Mojang Home Edition’s Third Episode Focuses On Minecraft Dungeons

With more people working from home than going out, it’s important for businesses to continue communicating with their customers. Mojang has its “Ask Mojang” video series, in which various team members from Mojang’s three Minecraft games answer questions posed by the community. The Home Edition’s third installment is short, but it focuses almost entirely on Minecraft Dungeons.

The team members talk about what they did at home, but the interesting detail comes later. When asked if there are any additional “secret” levels after beating the game, one member refused to say anything to confirm or deny the question. The other changed focus and started talking about how Minecraft Dungeons procedurally generated levels, meaning each time you play the level can look and feel different.

It’s impossible to draw conclusions from such a small interaction, but we already know that higher difficulties are unlocked in Dungeons by first beating the game at a lower difficulty. It is not outside the realm of reason that there may also be hidden levels unlocked by this. Either way, we’ll all be able to find out when the game hits Xbox One and PC on May 26th.

You can watch the video for yourself above and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Not your average Minecraft

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft is growing and reaching out.

Minecraft Dungeons is the next saga in Minecraft history, and it looks like Mojang and Microsoft are knocking another one out of the park. Minecraft Dungeons combines the familiar world we all grew up in with an injection of Diablo, great fun. Available on every platform you’re on, for a ridiculously tempting price, what’s not to love?

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