Every major boss, ranked by difficulty

Minecraft Dungeons has a bunch of bosses for you to face on your dungeon crawling journey, and it can get pretty tricky really quickly. You’ll need to use a bunch of different tactics and strategies to deal with the mechanics these boss fights are known for, and on higher difficulties they can sometimes overwhelm you if you’re on your own. The Minecraft franchise has never seen bosses like these before.

Many unique items with powerful enchantments will drop from these bosses, which is a great reason to fight them multiple times. The boss fights also have unique designs and layouts that are different from each other, which helps add diversity to the boss fights in the game. The following bosses in Minecraft Dungeons are ranked by difficulty and how bad it will be difficult to defeat them.

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Updated August 2, 2021 by Michael Caruso: Minecraft Dungeons has a lot of content to start with; however, the DLC that has been added to the game over the past year has brought new battles and adventures. Along with this new DLC, there are also many new bosses that you can fight. It’s important to review the new bosses and their difficulty compared to boss fights in the main Minecraft Dungeons game.

ten the nameless

minecraft dungeons player character holding tnt item

The Nameless One is a particularly tough boss fight in this dungeon-crawling video game, and that’s mainly because it creates clones of itself to damage you from every possible direction. You will have to be extremely fast against this enemy because if you stop moving for even a second, it could mean life or death.

This boss also spawns Skeleton Warrior enemies to attack you, which can make it even harder to defeat. There are pillars around the layout of this fight that you will need to hide behind during certain attacks if you don’t want to be massively damaged.

Another challenging aspect of this boss fight is the projectile attack the Nameless One will use against you. You can reflect this attack. However, it is very difficult and you will have to practice before successfully parrying these projectiles.

Overall, the Nameless One presents an extreme challenge and some cool boss features in Minecraft Dungeons, and you need to be careful when fighting it, as one wrong move could mean certain death.


9 The Corrupted Cauldron

minecraft dungeons corrupt cauldron boss fight with zombies

The Corrupted Cauldron is a very simple boss fight. However, that doesn’t take away from how difficult it can be for new players experiencing it for the first time. This boss fight will require you to eliminate all of the purple slime enemies around the boss before actually attacking the corrupted cauldron; otherwise, they will overwhelm you. You must bring your most powerful enchanted weapons to fight this boss.

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What makes this boss fight so difficult is when the corrupted cauldron generates fire around it, which will damage you and quickly reduce your health. With all the different monsters that are spawned during this boss fight and how difficult it can be to maneuver around the flames, this is one boring boss fight that you may only be able to defeat after a few trials. This boss is fought at the end of Soggy Swamps.

8 red stone golem

cinematic image of redstone golem from minecraft dungeons

The Redstone Golem is a very well designed boss fight – it has one of the best aesthetics of any enemy in Minecraft Dungeons. This boss is massive in size and its attacks deal much more damage than other bosses in the game. The Redstone Golem is also a particularly fast enemy, and as such it will attack you with fast attacks.

Adventurers will need to be very careful when fighting this enemy as it can also spawn traps, and there will be lava around the area which will damage you if you step on it. The various environmental hazards during this boss fight and the amount of damage it can inflict with a single attack make it one of the toughest battles in all of Minecraft Dungeons..

7 Ender’s Heart

The Heart of Ender boss in Minecraft Dungeons

Unfortunately, after defeating the Arch-Illager, the main quest has yet to be won. You will then have to fight the Heart of Ender, which is a giant enemy that will damage the player with purple explosions that deal very large amounts of damage. Luckily, this boss is a bit easier than the Arch-Illager because it doesn’t have as many minions running around the battlefield and damaging you.

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The best way to avoid attacks from this boss is to use the dodge roll and shoot arrows with a bow from afar, similar to the Arch-Illager itself. This side boss fight is, without a doubt, one of the toughest fights in the game, and you might have a hard time beating it, especially on apocalypse difficulty.

6 Ender’s Vengeful Heart


The developers have added the improved Vengeful Heart Of Ender boss into the game with the Echoing Void DLC. This giant boss looks like an Enderman, and it crawls around, trying to charge at you while fighting in the arena.

The Vengeful Heart Of Ender also has a bomb attack, which it can use to damage nearby enemies, including you or your teammates. If you want to defeat this boss, you’ll need to fight it from a distance and make sure you never get close to it for several seconds at a time.

5 former guardian


The Ancient Guardian boss fight is a tough battle, to say the least, and it will be difficult for you to defeat him if you are not very careful of the enemies he spawns on the battlefield. The Ancient Guardian is able to spawn smaller Guardians, meaning you’ll often have to fight many enemies at once as well as the boss.

The best way to defeat the Ancient Guardian is with a teammate present so they can distract minions. This boss appears in the Hidden Depths DLC.

4 Arch Illager

minecraft dungeons arch illager cutscene with soldiers

The Arch-Illager is the final boss in Minecraft Dungeons, and you’ll quickly learn that he’s not easy to defeat. This boss will spawn many archers at once that will attack you, and it will be difficult to maneuver around them while dealing with attacks from the Arch-Illagers.

There are piston trampolines you can use to maneuver around the battlefield during this boss fight, and they’ll be crucial for you if you don’t want to get hit by multiple projectiles at once. The best way to deal with the Arch-Illiger is to use projectiles such as the Bow and Crossbow. This tough fight will make every Minecraft hero beg for mercy.

3 wretched specter


The Wretched Wraith uses a teleport attack which makes it difficult to attack as it often moves quickly in all directions. It also has magic and melee attacks, making it a danger both up close and from afar.

While the Wretched Warith isn’t the strongest boss in Minecraft Dungeons, it comes close due to its incredibly diverse set of attacks and high amount of health. The Wretched Wraith can be found in the Creeping Winter DLC.

2 abomination of the jungle


The Jungle Abomination uses a crushing attack to attempt to damage you. However, although this attack is very powerful, it cannot move while it is being used. Unfortunately, this boss is able to spawn Whisperers, which means they can attack you while he uses his main crush attack.

To defeat the Jungle Abomination, you must first defeat these minions and then start attacking the Jungle Abomination afterwards. The Jungle Abomination boss fight is only available in the Jungle Awakens DLC.

1 Storm Golem


The Tempest Golem is a boss you can fight in the Howling Peaks DLC. This boss has a fun concept, as it uses a shield and a sword attack to fight. You need to watch out for the Tempest Golem’s blades while being aware of its shield slam attack at all times; otherwise it will crush you and leave you with a lot of lost health.

The Tempest Golem can also summon lighting to damage you, which is a very difficult attack to dodge and one of the reasons why this boss is considered the strongest.

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