How to Claim Minecraft Dungeons Hero Cape and Chicken Pet

Minecraft Dungeons brings a new top-down perspective to the world of Minecraft, focused on action role-playing and the endless search for loot. The Dungeon Crawl setup puts your gear at the center of progression, with melee weapons, bows, and armor all essential to your loadout.

However, Minecraft Dungeons also offers a small range of cosmetics – currently largely untapped – but with two items exclusive to Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition. The premium edition includes a unique hero cape and chicken pet, accompanying your travels for hours to come. Here’s how to get these items and equip them in-game.

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition bonuses explained

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition Items

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Minecraft Dungeons is available for purchase in two versions: the standard Minecraft Dungeons base game and Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition. This alternate version comes with a $10 bounty, with access to the Hero Pass, consisting of two upcoming downloadable content (DLC) packs for the future, and exclusive cosmetics. This includes two bonus player skins, listed at the bottom of the character creation screen, as well as a hero cape and a chicken pet. The Hero Pass is not available for purchase separately.

The hero cape is currently the only cape available in Minecraft Dungeons, consisting of red fabric with yellow highlights. This cosmetic item does not serve a gameplay purpose but sets you apart from the average player. The Chicken Pet is the first of Minecraft Dungeons’ companions, following you on dungeon crawling missions.

These are all available exclusively through Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition, purchasable for $30 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.

How to Claim and Equip Minecraft Dungeons Hero Cape and Chicken Pet

Minecraft Dungeons cape and pets

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Upon purchasing Minecraft Dungeons, your cape and pet are automatically unlocked within the first few minutes of play. Cloaks and pets can be found in the player’s inventory, via a dedicated cosmetic tab. From this submenu, players can equip or unequip both their cape and their feathered friend.

  1. Load in a Minecraft Dungeons Game.
  2. Open your Inventory by pressing up on the directional pad or on the I key on PC.
  3. Navigate to the Beauty products tab on the right side.
  4. Equip your hero cape and chicken pet.

To note: If you’re playing on Xbox, you may need to download the separate Hero DLC, available here. (opens in a new tab) Select Minecraft Dungeons with the view button on your Xbox, then go to “Manage Game”, from there you should be able to see the option to download the additional DLC pack.

That same cosmetic tab appears to leave room for future Minecraft Dungeons DLC, potentially including other cape designs and new pets.