How to Collect Music Discs in Minecraft

Music discs are one of the few collectibles in Minecraft. Currently, there are fourteen music discs available in the game for players to collect. This finite number of discs will increase to fifteen with the release of Minecraft 1.19 on June 7, 2022.

The fifteen music discs (including the music disc released with Minecraft 1.19) that can be obtained in the game are: “Cat”, “Blocks”, “Chirp”, “Far”, “Mall”, “Mellohi”, “Stal “, “Strad”, “Ward”, “Wait”, “Otherside”, “Pigstep”, “13”, “11” and “5”.

These elusive objects are mainly used for decoration and ambiance, but they can also reveal secrets and Easter eggs. Secrets such as parrots / piglins dancing on certain discs being played or each disc of music has its increasing redstone signal strength value.

But to uncover these secrets or simply spice up the mood/decoration, players must first be able to get their hands on a music disc. There are several methods to get each music disc, and in this article, we will cover the three ways to get a music disc in Minecraft.

All methods to collect music discs in Minecraft

Method #1: Chest Loot

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It’s no secret that there’s a plethora of good loot to be found in chests in Fortresses, Dungeons, Temples, and Bastion Remnants. Music discs are one of the rarest items to find in these naturally generated chests, with each disc having no more than a 21.8% chance of expanding.

“13” has a 21.5% and 21.8% chance to spawn normal chests in dungeons and woodland mansions.

“Cat” has a 21.5% and 21.8% chance to spawn inside normal chests found in dungeons and woodland mansions.

“Otherside” is one of the rarest discs found in Minecraft. It only has a 3.1% chance of spawning chests inside dungeons and an even smaller 2.5% chance of spawning modified chests inside fortresses.

“Pigstep” is a music disc found exclusively in generic Bastion Remnants chests. These structures are rare to find, and the pitiful 5.6% chance the disc has to generate in chests is even more daunting. But, discovering this record is worth it as if played around a piglin, there’s a chance the hostile crowd might perform a little dance.

After the release of Java/Bedrock Edition 1.19, “Cat”, “Otherside”, and “13” will be detectable in Ancient Cities chests.

Method #2: Mob Loot

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One of the oldest methods of collecting music records was to lure skeletons (or wanderers) into killing a vine with their bow. Creepers will drop any of the fifteen music discs (except for the most recent music discs: “Otherside”, “Pigstep” and “5”) in addition to their normal mob drops when they are killed by a skeleton or lost.

This method has sparked many disc farm ideas, so if players are determined to collect all fifteen discs apart from those found in loot chests, it is recommended that they look into automated disc farms in Minecraft .

Method #3: Crafting

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There will be an additional method to get music disk “5” in Java/Bedrock Edition 1.19.

“5” will be the only music disc that can be crafted. All players will need to craft the disc of nine fragments of an item called “Disc Fragment 5”. These fragments will have a 29.8% chance of generating in chests found in Ancient Cities.

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