How to easily get pets in Minecraft Dungeons (2021)

Minecraft Dungeons battlegrounds can be a bit lonely, so why not bring along a small company?

Not to be confused with summons, which can be brought into battle to help fight off enemy mobs, pets are non-combatants that accompany the hero on their journey.

After updating Minecraft Dungeons Seasonal Adventures and including its first season (Cloudy Climb), there are a total of 18 different pets available to heroes. Obtaining these pets can vary in approach, though most of them are tied to paid DLC, made available throughout the game’s tenure.

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Minecraft Dungeons: Easiest way to get most pets

The baby ghast, one of the more unusual pets available in the game (Image via Mojang)
The baby ghast, one of the more unusual pets available in the game (Image via Mojang)

Unfortunately for Minecraft Dungeons players on a budget, the fastest way to unlock most pets in the game (and for some pets, the only way to unlock them) is to purchase paid DLCs. However, the inclusion of Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition and its accompanying upgrade bundle are great ways to save money on purchasing the individual DLC expansions.

In addition to the DLC expansion in Minecraft Dungeons, some pets are currently only accessible by purchasing the Premium Adventure Pass for Seasonal Adventures. If heroes are already completing challenges and leveling up to acquire the rewards available to players, purchasing the premium adventure pass will guarantee them those additional rewards, including pets such as baby squid, spotted pig, and toucan.

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Although many pets in Minecraft Dungeons are unfortunately hidden behind a paywall, some should be available to players from the start, whether new, returning or veteran. Specifically, the Baby Pig should be available to all players, as it was a reward for Minecraft Dungeons reaching the 10 million player milestone. Those who participated in the 2021 Spookier Fall event should also have received a zombified baby pig without any transactions being made.

For players not looking to pay for pets, the new seasonal adventure known as Cloudy Climb provides some pets for free if players can progress significantly through the season. These include the baby black goat, duck, fox, golden parrot, crow, and baby ruby ​​turtle. Be sure to complete challenges and progress through the levels in the free version of the Adventure Pass in order to receive these pets, as well as other rewards such as capes and flairs.

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