How to Find Ancient Debris

Ancient Debris is one of the rarest and most useful resources in all of Minecraft. These blocks are used to create netherite remains, which in turn are used to craft Netherite Ingots. Since update 1.16, netherite has replaced diamond as most durable mineral to craft tools and armor, so Ancient Debris is certainly in high demand.

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As the name “netherite” might suggest, ancient debris can only found in the Nether, and is about 12 times rarer than diamonds. It can only be mined by diamond or netherite pickaxes, and it will fall as a block, meaning the Fortune enchantment cannot be used to produce additional debris. Ancient debris as a fallen object cannot be burned by lava or fire, and the block cannot be exploded, so players don’t have to worry about losing it.


Where are the ancient debris

To find Ancient Debris, players will need to first travel to the Nether, making sure to bring a diamond pickaxe with them. It is also recommended that players carry at least one piece of gold armor to avoid being attacked by Piglins. It is also recommended to bring fire resistance potions; Prevention is better than cure. Once in the Nether, players will want open their contact details. On Java Edition, this is done by pressing F3 (fn + F3 on Mac). On Bedrock Edition, this is enabled in the video settings.

Coordinates are useful, as Ancient Debris spawn rates vary based on the Y coordinate (height). Typically, a blob of 1-3 old debris tries to spawn in each 16×16 piece, between heights Y=8 and Y=22. An additional blob of 0-2 old debris tries to spawn between Y=8 and Y=118. Ancient Debris replaces the netherack during world generation, so it’s possible that a blob generation attempt will fail if the randomly selected position in the chunk doesn’t have a netherack.

Ancient Debris will never generate with natural exposure to air, so players can’t rely on exploring the Nether and just keeping an eye out for it. Digging is mandatory. The Y value where Ancient Debris most often generates is Y=15, so this is where players should focus their efforts. A diamond pickaxe with a Enchantment Efficiency V can insta-mine netherack, which means players can very quickly dig large areas for ancient debris.

If possible, players should try to get a repair enchantment for the diamond pickaxe, as well as V efficiency. Repairing will cause their pickaxe to regenerate durability as they collect gold. XP, and durability is going to be depleted very, very quickly when insta-mining pieces of netherack. Players will come across quartz and gold as they mine Ancient Debris, both of which give XP.

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Ancient Debris as Chest Loot

Another option for collecting Ancient Debris is via chest loot. Remains of the bastion, which are natural structures that spawn in the Nether, have a decent chance of spawning with Ancient Debris as treasure. There are three types of chests that can spawn in Bastion Remains, with varying chances of having Ancient Debris:

Java Edition:

breast type Amount of ancient debris Probability
Generic Chest A 13.5%
Treasure chest Of them 12.7%
Hoglin Stable Chest Of them 5.7%

Bedrock Edition:

breast type Amount of ancient debris Probability
Generic Chest A 13.5%
Treasure chest Of them 12.7%
Hoglin Stable Chest A 5.7%

Each individual chest has a relatively low luck to have Ancient Debris, but if enough chests are searched, the odds are in the player’s favor. It also removes the need to have a diamond pickaxe or reach for enchantments, but instead requires a lot more exploring of the Nether to find bastion remnants. The option players choose is based on their personal preferences.

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Uses for Ancient Debris

As stated earlier, the primary use for Ancient Debris is the creation of Netherite Remnants. By smelting ancient debris in a furnace, players will receive a piece of netherite. By combining four of these pieces with four gold bars in a crafting table, players will receive a single Netherite bar. This means that to make a netherite pickaxefor example, players will need to find a huge 12 ancient debris.

An arguably colder use of ancient debris involves its blast resistance property. Similar to Obsidian, Ancient Debris cannot be detonated by explosions – be it Vines or TNT – but unlike Obsidian, it box be pushed by a piston. As such, redstone expert used ancient debris, in conjunction with TNT duplicators, to create semi-automatic tunnels. These are unfortunately only possible in the Java editionbut they can be used to mine gems very quickly in the overworld without using any resources, or they can even be used in the Nether to mine older debris.

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