How to Fix Minecraft Server Connection Timeout Error?

Minecraft offers both a single player mode and a multiplayer mode. One of the best features of the game is that it allows online communication between players, allowing them to join the game through various online servers.

Unfortunately, connection problems and errors constantly occur. One of the common error messages is “Error connecting to server timed out”. Many issues can cause this error, but most of the time it is relatively easy to fix.

Potential fixes for Minecraft “Server connection timeout error?”

When you attempt to connect to the server but are unable to do so, you must first determine if the server itself is having problems. It’s possible that the server you’re trying to connect to is having issues, which would explain the “server connection timed out” error you’re getting when trying to join the game.

You can examine the Minecraft server you are trying to connect to by following the instructions below to see if that is what is causing the error.

Connect to the following server:

This specially designed Minecraft test server is open 24/7 and supports all versions of the game. Those who can connect to this server can relax knowing that there are no issues with their game. Players who still cannot join due to the “server connection timeout” error message can use the other solutions given below.

Reset network configurations

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Your IP address may have been accidentally blacklisted by some servers, or you may have broken some of their rules, which led to an IP ban in the first place. If so, you can try resetting your network settings to get a new IP address for your network. By doing this you should be able to resolve any network connection issues.

Network settings may also be disabled. The communication between the host server and the game server can therefore be interrupted. The procedure shown in the video above can be used to try to fix the problem.

Allow Minecraft on your firewall

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It’s likely that your computer’s firewall is preventing the game from using your internet connection. As a result, you will see an error message, as Minecraft cannot connect to its servers.

People can use the video above to allow Minecraft on their firewall. Firewalls, parental controls, or workplace restriction software can sometimes block the outgoing connection, which could be the cause of the connectivity problem.

After that, try again to connect to the test server IP address: If the issue is still not resolved, see the other options in this list.

Use port forwarding

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When playing, your computer must have port 25565 open for the game to work properly. Other applications on your computer may be using this port, which could prevent Minecraft from contacting the server successfully.

By port forwarding on your firewall, you can instantly fix this error and help keep it open while you game. To solve this problem, follow the method shown in the video above.

Use a VPN

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People may want to try using a VPN service on their computer. It is possible that the Internet service provider restricts certain IP addresses and websites that violate local requirements.

If your ISP’s restrictions are causing the problem, you can circumvent them by using a VPN service. Watch the video above on how to use a VPN and try reconnecting to the server IP address: to see if the issue is resolved.

Change Minecraft Version/Reinstall

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It may seem extremely simple, but an update you have downloaded and installed for the game may have flaws or issues that could have been caused during the installation process.

To remedy this, revert to the previous version of the game compatible with your machine if it is the one that generates the error when connecting to a server. You can also try reinstalling the game if you want to use a specific version.

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