How to get a string (and what is it best used for)

Minecraft is full of resources that may seem mundane at first glance for players. In fact, some of the in-game items could be considered mere junk, as they serve very specialized or limited purposes. String might seem somewhat useless to a newbie player, but it’s actually one of the best base resources in the game that gives them access to a bunch of cool crafting recipes.

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However, to start crafting, players will need to gather the necessary resources. Like everything else in Minecraft, it is important to look in the right places to find what you are looking for. If players need string, here’s where they get it and what its best uses are.


How to get a chain in Minecraft

String is an item that drops from the world, which means it cannot be crafted. The most common way to get string is to kill a spider, which is likely to drop the string on death. Otherwise, players might find an abandoned mineshaft or covered village in cobwebswhere they can use a sword to easily extract the spider web into string. Jungle Temples will also have a string in the form of a tripwire when players enter the Trapper Corridor.

Twine is also looted from a bunch of different dungeon and structure chests. Search Desert Temples, Raider Outposts, Woodland Mansions, Dungeons, and Remains of Strongholds for chests possibly containing String. While in the Nether, players can also barter with Piglins using gold for a chance to gain string from them.

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Finally, when fishing, players have a chance to get string as loot. Those with tame cats can also sometimes wake up when their cat offers them a string after sleeping in their bed for a night. Based on all of these methods, however, the easiest and most efficient way to get string reliably and consistently is to find an abandoned mineshaft where there are cave spider spawners and cave spiders. use them to endlessly farm cave spiders for string.

Best Uses of Chain in Minecraft

Once players have some string, they have a few different options when it comes to crafting. Here are all the useful items players can craft with string:

  • Bow: 3 sticks, 3 strings
  • Rod: 3 sticks, 2 strings
  • Conduct: 4 strings, 1 Slimeball
  • Scaffolding: 6 bamboo sticks, 1 string

There are other uses for string as well, such as crossbows, but these are dropped so often by raiders that crafting a string is almost a waste of resources. Players can also craft Candles, Yarn, and a Loom with String, though these aren’t priority items they’ll need as much as the crafting recipes listed above. The bow and fishing rod are by far the best uses for string, as both are important tools that every Minecraft player will need to survive.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

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