How to Get Nautilus Shells in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Having been in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition since version 1.4, Nautilus Shells are currently a key part of crafting Conduits, which provide players with essential underwater buffs and can also hit nearby hostile mobs.

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While not as hard to find as the other components needed to create Conduits (Hearts of the Sea), Nautiloid shells are still not particularly common in Minecraft.

In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, there are three main ways to collect Nautiloid Shells.

Although these processes do not require a lot of materials, they do require a lot of time and research. But since Nautiloids are a necessity for creating Conduits, Survival players have little choice but to seek them out.

Minecraft: Top 3 Ways to Find Nautiloid Shells

In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, drowned have a small percentage to drop Nautilus shells upon death (Image via Mojang)
In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, drowned have a small percentage to drop Nautilus shells upon death (Image via Mojang)

The three main ways to acquire Nautilus Shells in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition are fishing, killing drowned, and trading with the Wandering Trader.

Other than these three methods, vanilla Minecraft doesn’t offer much for players in Survival mode without the use of outside mods or at the very least the command console.

Obviously, Creative Mode is a different story, as Nautilus Hulls are readily available in the Creative Inventory.

When fishing with an unenchanted fishing rod, Minecraft players have an approximate 0.8% chance of pulling a Nautilus Shell as treasure.

However, the maximum level of the Luck of the Sea enchantment increases this chance by up to 1.9%. Although still not a great chance, fishing can be used as a last resort to acquire these shells.

The other two methods are much more reliable, although tricky on their own.

Drowned are hostile mobs found in ocean and river biomes, and are easily distinguished by their sickly blue-green appearance. Similar to their zombie cousins, the Drowned don’t take too much punishment before being defeated.

In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, Drowned have an 8% chance to drop a Nautilus Shell upon death.

If players are able to kill Drowned in a large group (they naturally spawn in groups of 2-4 in Bedrock Edition), they can pick up a few Nautilus shells for their trouble.

Finally, the Wandering Trader occasionally sells Nautilus shells for five emeralds a piece. The trader will only sell a maximum of five shells this way, but it’s a solid way to get them in bulk alongside the job of killing Drowned.

Since Wandering Trader spawn is somewhat random, it can sometimes be difficult to find it.

However, if Minecraft players are near a village, the Wandering Trader tends to go to the village’s central bell when it spawns.

If the trader doesn’t appear right away, be brave, as the Minecraft code continually tries to place it near the player.

There’s no guarantee he’ll have the Nautilus shells in his inventory, but occasionally checking the Wandering Trader’s inventory can sometimes yield exactly what players need.

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