How to Get the Ember Dress in Minecraft Dungeons

An armor set created by illager evokers capable of scorching nearby mobs in Minecraft Dungeons, the Ember Robe is a popular choice for quick builders who want to clear levels quickly.

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Sporting the ability to burn nearby enemies while providing a 40% cooldown reduction for artifacts and a 15% speed increase for heroes, the Ember Robe fits into a Minecraft Dungeons speed build, allowing heroes to move at blinding speed.

Although only a variant of the Evocation Robe commonly found in-game, the Ember Robe is exceptionally rare, even compared to other unique quality items.

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Minecraft Dungeons: Ember Dress Areas

A flame and ice oriented build featuring the Ember Robe as equipped armor (Image via Mojang).
A flame and ice oriented build featuring the Ember Robe as equipped armor (Image via Mojang).

When acquiring high rarity items in Minecraft Dungeons, players are essentially at the mercy of the game’s RNG (random number generator). basis of equipment items.

The difficulty setting that is active when the item is found also helps, as higher difficulties will yield more powerful items.

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For Minecraft Dungeons players hoping to get an Ember Robe as loot, they can find the armor at the following levels:

  • soggy swamp
  • soggy cave
  • Obsidian Pinnacle
  • Panda board (adventure difficulty)
  • Crimson Forest (Apocalypse difficulty)
  • The Fortress (Apocalypse difficulty)
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Heroes who are having trouble with the loot drop system can also return to their camp and check with the Luxury, Mystery, and Piglin merchants to see if they have been unlocked.

Each of these merchants can provide a variety of unique gear, and the Ember Robe can be included in their inventory. It should be noted that merchants regularly rotate their inventory and refresh stock items.

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Check back regularly between normal Minecraft Dungeons activities and players may have the option to purchase the Ember Dress directly.

Finally, Minecraft Dungeons heroes who have access to Ancient Hunts can also encounter the mob known as The Seeking Flame, which is an older variation of the standard vex mob.

When defeated, the enemy will drop a golden variant of an Axe, Soul Knife, or Evocation Robe, including unique variants like the Ember Robe. There’s no guarantee that a specific drop will be the Ember Robe, but defeating The Seeking Flame provides another source players can use to acquire the powerful piece of armor.

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