How to Get the X-ray Texture Pack for Minecraft Bedrock and Java Editions

Finding precious ores in Minecraft can be tedious. As a result, many players have created texture packs that allow them to see through non-essential blocks. These are called X-ray texture packs.

Since X-ray texture packs can be useful for gamers, it doesn’t hurt to use them once in a while. Once a player has used them, they are quite easy to deactivate.

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However, installing an X-ray texture pack can be confusing for new players, especially given the difference between Java and Bedrock editions.

Below players can find a quick guide on how to install the X-ray texture/resource packs for the two main editions of the game.

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Minecraft players can use X-ray texture packs even without third-party programs

GhostRay, an x-ray texture pack (Image via AuKtagon/Minecraft Forum)
GhostRay, an x-ray texture pack (Image via AuKtagon/Minecraft Forum)

Luckily for Minecraft players, it’s not too difficult to install texture packs in the main editions of the game.

If players don’t use third-party programs, they can still take advantage of texture and resource packs. However, they will need to know how to install them manually. This may not seem as complex as it first appears. Using third-party mod loaders and installers tends to make the process much easier.

With some simple movement and file manipulation, players should be able to install and activate their X-ray texture packs quickly and efficiently.

Steps to Install X-Ray Packs on Java Edition

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  1. Download your X-ray texture pack from a respectable site. In most cases, the pack will be downloaded as a .zip or .rar file. Luckily, players won’t have to worry about extracting these file archives, as the game can recognize them as they are.
  2. Move your texture pack file to your resource pack folder in your Minecraft folder. The standard game folder installation path is in “Appdata/.minecraft/resourcepacks”. It can be easily located by opening the Windows search bar and typing “%appdata%” to find the first folder. Once the .zip/.rar file is placed in the resource pack folder, open the game.
  3. From the main menu, open the “Options” menu.
  4. Select the “Resource Packs” button.
  5. The texture pack should be visible on the left list on the screen. Click on the texture pack icon, and it should now be activated. All that remains is to dive into the game and enjoy.
  6. If the texture pack is not visible, players can select the “Open pack folder” option to manually select the .zip/.rar file.

Steps to Install X-Ray Packs on Bedrock Edition

  1. Unlike Java Edition, Bedrock Edition can download texture packs directly from Minecraft Marketplace. However, it is also possible to install the packs from third-party sites without paying minecoins through microtransactions in the Marketplace.
  2. Download your texture pack file from a Bedrock Edition compatible site such as MCPEDL or
  3. If the pack is compatible with Bedrock, it should be downloaded as an .MCPACK file.
  4. With Bedrock Edition installed on your device, simply open the .MCPACK file. Minecraft should automatically open and import the file. Players will see an “Import Successful” message once this is complete.
  5. Once the pack is imported, it can be viewed by opening the settings and clicking on the “Global Resources” tab.
  6. To activate the pack, create or edit a world and click on the “Resource Packs” tab. The installed pack should be listed and players just need to tap “Enable” to activate it for the game.

Although using an x-ray texture pack is not for all players, it can be extremely useful for those who want to find resources as quickly as possible.

Some players may consider this to be cheating. However, other players just don’t have time to dig underground to find the right ore blocks they’re looking for.

Minecraft is a game that relies on personal preferences. X-ray packs are just one example of players enjoying the game in their own way.

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