How to Get Wolves in Minecraft Dungeons

Wolves are an extremely useful mob in Minecraft Dungeons. They are fun and useful in Minecraft, but their importance and usefulness are heightened in Minecraft Dungeons. They are only used to help players fight mobs and can often be the difference in certain missions. Unfortunately, they don’t live very long, so their only purpose is to fight and help the player until he’s gone.

In Minecraft, wolves are tamed with bones (sometimes just one, but often eat multiple bones before being tamed) and then follow the player. In Minecraft Dungeons it doesn’t quite work that way. Here’s how to get them.

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Getting wolves in Minecraft Dungeons

In Minecraft Dungeons, wolves do not breed like they do in Minecraft. They are summoned, but not with the summon command. They are summoned using an item called Tasty Bone, which is used to summon a wolf alongside the player in a level.

To use these items, players must equip them before starting the level. Minecraft Dungeons offers players three item slots in their build. Players can choose which items they think are useful for a particular level, but the Tasty Bone item must occupy a slot if they intend to use it at any time.

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In the level, a wolf can be summoned every 30 seconds if the original wolf dies. There can only be one wolf assisting the player at a time, but once it dies (as long as 30 seconds have passed since the initial summon), players can use another Tasty Bone if needed.

Summoned wolves will have these unique abilities:

  • 77 summon damage
  • 30 second cooldown
  • 828 ranged damage
  • +1 Gather Souls

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Wolves can have armor to increase their durability within a level (Image via Mojang)
Wolves can have armor to increase their durability within a level (Image via Mojang)

Wolves can also have armor in Minecraft Dungeons, which will help them fight longer and deal more damage. This increases their longevity, which ultimately helps the player save Tasty Bones and beat levels more easily.

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