How to Make Lead in Minecraft

Do you have trouble getting your pets to stay in one place while you’re busy in Minecraft? If so, all you need is a lead. You can use it to tie up your animals and lead them behind you or tie them to a fence post.

Lead is a leash in Minecraft that you can easily craft and use on passive mobs. So let’s talk about how to make one and its uses.

Make lead in Minecraft

You need to use four pieces of string and a ball of slime to make a lead in Minecraft. You can get chains by killing spiders or exploring dungeons, mineshafts or loot boxes. You can also get string if you use a sword to cut cobwebs.

As for the slimeballs, the best way to get them is by killing the slimes you can find in the swamp. You can also find Slime Chunks and farm the Slimes for Slime Balls. Additionally, you can also search for mudballs in loot boxes or trade with wandering traders.

Now that you have all the items you need to create the lead, you can follow the steps below to get the required item.

  1. Open your Crafting Table GUI.
  2. Location a string in the lower right space.
  3. Place one more string in the upper left corner.
  4. Now place a string in the first space of the middle row on the left. And another string in middle space of top row.lead recipe
  5. Add one slimeball in middle space from the manufacturing table.
  6. You can then enter the lead in the product section of the GUI on the right.

How to use lead in Minecraft?

You can use the lead on all passive mobs in the game. All you have to do is hold the lead in your right hand and right click the animal you want to put on a leash. Additionally, you can right click on a fence post after using the leash on the animal to attach them to it. This will prevent them from wandering off and getting lost.

using lead 1 1

To remove the leash from the animal, simply right click on the animal. The process for removing the lead from the fence post is the same.

It’s best to keep in mind that the leash will fall to the ground after untying your pet. The leash will fall off if you walk too far (10 blocks) and the animal will be immobile. Therefore, you may need to keep an eye out for dropped lead while using it.

What monsters can I use the track on?

You can use lead on all passive mobs as mentioned above. You can see the list below of all the monsters in the game that you can put your head on.

  • All tamed animals such as a mule, donkey, horse, wolf, parrot and cat
  • Farm animals such as cow, sheep, pig, goat, mushroom, bee and chicken.
  • Underwater monsters like dolphins, squids, luminous squids and axolotls
  • Wild animals such as polar bears, foxes, rabbits, ocelots and llamas
  • Nether mobs such as a hoglin, zoglin, and strider
  • Undead monsters like zombie horse and skeleton horse
  • Village monsters such as an iron golem, snow golem, and trader llama
  • Aggressive mobs such as Jockey Chicken and Skeleton Horse mounts
use lead

Please note that you can only use the leash on tamed versions of animals that need to be tamed. Also, you can’t put a leash on the wolf if he’s angry. It is also advisable to remember that monsters attacking you will continue to attack even if you attach them to a leash.

Another important factor is that the vanishing mob will disappear even if you use a track on it. If the mob you put the track on passes through a Nether portal, the track will break and fall into the Nether instead of the Overworld.

Can you use the leash on a villager?

No, you cannot use lead on villagers, wandering traders and monsters in the game. However, if you use mods such as a map editor or NBT editor, you can put a lead on those monsters .

Is there another way to get minecraft lead?

Another easy way to get a lead in Minecraft is through wandering traders. However, they do not market them. Thus, you will have to kill the trader and grab the leash they use on their llamas.

Where can I find lead naturally in Minecraft?

If you desperately need a lead, you can kill a wandering trader and loot their lead, as mentioned above. But you can also explore the Woodland Mansion and find a lead in one of the chests if you’re lucky, as you only have a 28.3% chance of finding one.

Also, if you play the game in Bedrock Edition, you might be able to find 1-3 leads in the buried treasure chests. The chance of you finding a lead in such chests is 34.3%.