How to Restart the Minecraft Launcher

Minecraft is one of the greatest games of all time. With millions of players jumping in and enjoying the game’s blocky universe, its popularity continues to skyrocket and its player base continues to reach new heights. However, players must first download the game launcher to access the game.

The Minecraft launcher is an application that allows players to launch the game. While mods will allow players to launch the game through other means and methods, the vanilla version cannot be played without the launcher.

It’s a fairly simple process. However, many players may experience issues when dealing with the launcher. It may fail to start, let players start the game, fail to download updates, or refuse to show beta versions of the game.

A simple launcher restart can fix many issues in such cases. This article will guide players on how to restart the game launcher.

Minecraft: Steps to restart the game launcher

There are a few methods to restart the game launcher to eliminate glitches or glitches caused by any underlying technicalities. The two methods are listed below:

1) Close and open

The launcher’s “close” button (Image via Mojang)

The easiest way to restart the game launcher is to close the app using the “X” or cross-shaped button at the top right of the screen and click on it. This will exit the app.

Players can also do the same if they go to the task manager and search for the “Minecraft Launcher” task or process. Right-clicking on it and selecting “End Task” will allow the player to stop the game launcher.

To note: The solution involving task manager can also be followed if the player wants to make sure that his launcher or game is shut down properly. The “end task” option is a great solution for apps that tend to freeze or crash.

2) The hard way

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Often players can face undetected issues and are a pain to deal with. This can include issues such as stuttering, glitches, etc. If all else fails and the player has to start all over again, there is also a quick and painful solution.

All players need to do is navigate to the “run” program or search bar and type in “%appdata”. This will take players to a folder with the same name. In this folder, players will find the folder If the player prefers it, the solution to the problem is to delete the .minecraft folder.

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This folder contains all worlds, resource packs, mods, shaders, and player profiles that the player has created for their copy of the game (provided it has not been deleted before).

Removing this will give players a fresh start by erasing everything they’ve ever built. However, the chances of improved game performance are quite high.

In addition to starting the game, the game launcher is used to download new game updates, select different builds to launch, test builds, view snapshots and pre-releases, and even manage other Mojang games like Minecraft Dungeons.

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