How to Update Minecraft Bedrock

How to update Minecraft Bedrock? Updates automatically download for the game but sometimes fail due to network issues.

Bedrock Edition updates are relatively simple to perform since Mohjang has simplified the process. However, it is difficult to navigate for new players.

Therefore, we will see how to update the Minecraft bedrock edition on consoles and other systems, so that there is no missing link.

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Xbox Game Pass is the most popular place to download Minecraft Bedrock Edition updates. Most people also update it from the Microsoft Store.

In the Xbox pass, you will find downloaded games in your library. Find Minecraft Bedrock Edition and see if it has any updates.

Alternatively, you can search for it and update the game there. The exact process works for Microsoft Store.

The video above shows you how to update through PC, Switch, and console editions.

PlayStation and Xbox

Playstation and Xbox have their respective stores from where you can download updates for the game. This widespread feature makes it easy to keep track of updates and patches.

The Microsoft/Playstation Store has everything you need to get your updates. Find the game and download the updates there.

nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch, like the consoles, has an eShop where you can download game-related updates.

First, you need to go to the Nintendo eShop and search for Minecraft. However, you can also find it in the bestselling category. He is present there.

After downloading the game, you can select the game using the dashboard with the + icon and select the Software Update category.

Mobile phones

Updates for portable devices are present in the App/Play Store. Click on your Play Store icon and search for Minecraft.

Alternatively, you can find your installed app through the Manage apps option. Click on Minecraft then press the Update button. This will start the download.

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Mojang has done a lot of work to ensure players have a seamless gaming experience with the automatic updates system.

This procedure ensures that players will not need to log into their respective stores each time an update is released.