Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons Spookyfest event is back

Spookyfest, Minecraft’s now annualized Halloween celebration event, will help players get into the seasonal spirit with “Spookier Fall”.

Mojang’s annual Halloween celebration in Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, dubbed Spookyfest, will return this year. The original blocky survival sandbox title was released in 2009, with its dungeon crawler cousin launching in 2020. Developer Mojang continues to support both titles, with experimental experiences. Minecraft Snapshots allowing players to experience and test upcoming content items in the main sandbox game.

The last Minecraft snapshots lead to a big update, Caves and Cliffs: Part 2, which will bring several changes to the game’s large mountains and claustrophobic caves. The first part of the big update released in June 2021 and included new wild monsters to encounter and resources to collect. New mineral blocks, such as copper and amethyst, add variety to mining the game’s underground cave systems, while Caves & Cliffs: Part II promises to improve the way mountains are generated. The temperature conflicts between the different Minecraft Biomes may not be natural in the game currently, with quirks such as a snowy mountain next to a desert, but the next update will aim to change the terrain generation system.


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Developer Mojang has announced that the Spookyfest Halloween event will return Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons this October. In Minecraft Dungeons, players will be able to tackle spooky adventures in order to earn themed loot. October 13 and 19 will introduce new character creator items, while a free skin pack will be available on October 26. Minecraftreal-world merchandise can now be ordered, which in turn unlocks an exclusive in-game skin pack.

the Minecraft The franchise has become hugely popular since the original game was released, and small seasonal offers help keep players interested. Both Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons are stocked with new updates for players, and the franchise as a whole has continued to evolve over time. Two new Minecraft games are reportedly being developed, perhaps adding even more variety to Microsoft ownership if or when they come out. With a survival sandbox title and a dungeon crawler already released, it’s hard to predict what these two brand new titles might entail.

This year’s Spookyfest celebration will inject Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons with a bit of Halloween charm. With witches and pumpkins, the quests and unique rewards added to Minecraft Dungeons will get players in the mood for the fall season. However, MinecraftIn-game rewards from can only be earned by purchasing real-world merchandise from retailers. This type of promotion isn’t new, but it tarnishes what might otherwise have been a free Halloween celebration.

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Minecraft Dungeons is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC. Minecraft is available on all platforms.

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