Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta focuses on accessibility fixes

Minecraft is a massive game that keeps getting bigger, as we saw at the recent Minecraft Live event, and those signed up for the super secret (not) Minecraft beta program can get a glimpse of future changes and updates. . The latest beta version, other recent betas in that it just contains bug fixes for the Nether update, but it’s still important to make sure everything is working as advertised before the update is released to the audience.

The latest beta fixes some issues with accessibility features, death messages, and a few other details. The changelog for Beta includes:

Accessibility Features

  • Fixed a bug where the UI screen reader would not read the in-game screen title
  • Fixed a bug where the UI screen reader would not read the shortcut button on the pause screen
  • Fixed a bug where the UI screen reader would not read the title on the Profile and Edit Character screens
  • Fixed an issue where button numbering in the Pause screen was incorrect when using text-to-speech
  • Fixed several issues with text contrast


  • Death message bug fixes
    • Death message for being shot by Shulker is now “sniped by shulker” instead of “killed by shulkerBullet”
    • Death message for being fireballed by Blaze or Ghast is now “fireball by Blaze/Ghast” instead of “killed by Blaze/Ghast”
    • The death message for being shot by a skeleton is now “shot by a skeleton” instead of “shot by an arrow”
    • The death message for being spat by a llama is now “spit by a llama” instead of “killed by a spat llama”
    • The death message for being killed with a trident is now “was impaled to death by” instead of “killed by Trident”
  • Nether brick blocks can be crafted again
  • Fixed Nether Brick count in crafting table


  • Increased allowed spawn distance for raid mobs and improved ability to find a valid raid spawn position


  • Armor with locked inventory component can now be placed in armor slots


  • Fixed an issue where someone was using query.get_equipped_item_name with a renamed element would not get the correct result. Now we link this to the vanilla version so the old name will be returned if the world is linked to a specific vanilla version

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