Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Drops Beta, Adds New Experimental Features “Caves and Cliffs Update”

Minecraft: Java Edition started the day with the first Caves and Cliffs update snapshot of the year, and now Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is following suit with the release of the beta for the Nether update. Yes, this beta is still part of the long-running Nether Update branch, but there’s still plenty to be excited about in this beta.

The rocker of experimental features present in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition has gained new features from the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update, which will rival even the already gigantic Nether update in terms of size and detail. We still have a bit more time to wait before we start getting proper stable betas under the Caves and Cliffs Update branch, but players can still try out sharp drip and sculk sensors right now.

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The full changelog for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta includes:

New Experimental Features


  • Added sharp drip blocks
    • These can be found in Creative Inventory for now
  • A pointed drip block can be placed in the ceiling and on the floor, creating stalactites and stalagmites
  • Falling on a stalagmite increases fall damage
  • Breaking the ceiling above a stalactite causes it to fall towards the ground and will deal damage upon impact with entities
  • The stalactites have an animation of water drops and lava
  • Known issues:
    • When the hanging pointed drops begin to fall, their position is shifted slightly
    • Sneaking around while placing spikes of opposing stalactites and stalagmites merges them
    • Placed sharp drip can be destroyed by lava on bedrock
    • If the player is killed by stalactite or stalagmite fall damage, the custom death message does not display
    • Sharp drip element renders differently in hand on Bedrock compared to Java Edition
    • Placing sharp drippers in water results in the removal of water
    • The player receives 2 points of damage by jumping on a stalagmite

Sculpin sensor

  • Introducing the bizarre, tendril-filled world of the sculk – prepare for the sculk sensors to scare you with their unique ability to detect nearby vibrations
  • A vibration is anything that causes physical movement; if you’re careful, some movements are undetectable by the sensors while sneaking. A few of these events are still missing – stay tuned!
  • These gentle vibrations currently include walking, falling to the ground
  • The current list of vibration events is as follows (more will be added in future updates):
    • Step
    • Bathing
    • Block the place
    • Block Destruction
    • Free fall of the elytra
    • Touch the ground
    • Splash
    • Projectile shot
  • Sculk sensors do not listen to vibrations directly created by other sculk sources
  • When vibration is detected, a signal is sent from the source location to the sensor at a rate of 1 game tick per block
  • Other vibrations cannot be detected by a sensor when a signal is already routed to it
  • When the signal arrived, the sensor will be activated for 40 game ticks (about 2 seconds)
  • When activated, the sensor cannot detect other vibrations
  • Sculk sensors can detect vibration within 8 blocks of him
  • Known issues:
    • Sculk sensors cannot become waterlogged
    • Wool occlusion is not yet added to the block functionality. This will be added in a later beta

Bug fixes


  • Fixed Pork Chop Achievement and Trophy unlocked by Raw Pork Chop
  • Fixed a bug preventing foxes from falling and eating sweet berries
  • Clicking “Download Model” when missing required models from an existing world now correctly downloads the required models.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to place default custom spawn eggs in Adventure Mode


  • the /setblock now supports setting the connected state for the soul_lantern block
  • the /setblock now supports setting the rotation state for the chain block
  • SetBlock and SetBlockAtPos events now support custom block states


  • Fixed some Marketplace worlds having incorrect block data when played on Realms and multiplayer between mobile and PC

World Generation

  • Mcstructure files saved with entities no longer crash the game when loaded into the world

Technical changes

  • A boolean parameter called ignore_game_mode is added for block event response decrement_stackset to false by default. Thereby decrement_stack no longer shrinks the item stack when playing in Creative by default

Known issues

  • Crash may occur when suspending and resuming game on Android
  • The patch notes screen may contain an invalid Marketplace link

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