Minecraft Dungeons calls for robust custom map functionality

Mojang Studios Minecraft remains one of the most popular games. It’s leaps and bounds ahead of the second Auto grand theft 5 as the best-selling video game of all time, and late last year it was announced that Minecraft YouTube content has racked up over a trillion views. This success presented the Swedish developer with opportunities to expand the reach of its brand, including spin-off projects such as minecraft earth, Minecraft: Education Editionand Minecraft Dungeons.


Action-RPG Minecraft Dungeons never reached the same heights of popularity as his older brother. While Minecraft is a sandbox game that excels at creating a relaxing atmosphere and opening players’ creativity, Minecraft Dungeons is a more stressful dungeon-crawler in the vein of Blizzard Diablo. However, both share the voxel aesthetic in a way that makes them instantly recognizable. It would be fun to see a future update improve. Dungeons by opening up the possibility for players to create custom maps in ARPG format.

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Minecraft Dungeons updates since launch

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the original Minecraft Dungeons the May 2020 release was generally well received. The fact that it’s a one-day Xbox Game Pass title was a huge boon to the multiplayer experience, though that was expected given that Mojang is part of Xbox Game Studios following the acquisition. from Microsoft for $2.5 billion in 2014. Still, groups of friends hoped to find the best loot for their characters needed more to throw those characters against.

Fortunately, six DLC expansions have been released for Minecraft Dungeonsculminating with the “Echoing Void” DLC in July 2021 which focused on MinecraftEnd dimension. Next to that came Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition, a version of the game that came with all six expansions for $39.99 – or as a digital upgrade for $19.99 if players owned the base game. The official blog post announcing this update promised that Echoing Void would not be the end of support for Dungeons.

In January 2022, Mojang went on to release Minecraft Dungeons‘Cloudy Climbs Adventure Pass. The Adventure Pass follows a seasonal pattern similar to various live games on the market, with Season 1 promising fans over 45 new rewards on a premium track. These include pets, skins, emotes, and capes, though it doesn’t look like larger content dumps like traditional maps are in the maps. Instead, players were given access to the Tower, a roguelike single-player activity where you walk through random floors to obtain new gear or enchantment points.

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Minecraft Dungeons Creative mode has a lot of potential

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If the future of Minecraft Dungeons is more about cosmetics than expansive content, Mojang would be wise to lean on the creativity of its fans. You can barely throw a stone Minecraft social media forums without stumbling across complex custom maps, recreations of real-life locations and video games, or other creative endeavors such as redstone technology. The nearly endless possibilities of what can be done in this sandbox have even influenced live events amid the pandemic, with a recent story featuring a South Korean university that held its entrance ceremony at Minecraft.

While it would be impossible to translate Minecraftmechanics in Minecraft Dungeonsand vice versa, the fact that they both use the same building materials suggests that there might be a way to digitize custom maps into Minecraft and translate them into ARPG levels using player-selected enemy spawn points. Even though the ability to move pre-existing custom maps between projects is a moonshot, the idea that Mojang might launch the Minecraft Dungeons creative mode equivalent is an attractive way to give it undefined content.

It’s entirely possible that Mojang wants to keep Minecraft Dungeons separated from the creative side of Minecraft suitable for constructing one’s own identity. There’s a fair amount of logic to this, but at the same time it’s hard to deny how much the idea of ​​custom Dungeons cards can unfold. Yes Minecraft players can recreate the entire Majora’s Mask on a whim, it’s unclear what kind of interesting dungeon-crawlers might come from open creative tools.

Minecraft Dungeons is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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