Minecraft Dungeons: difficulty settings and threat slider explained

Which Minecraft Dungeons difficulty level to choose? If you’re new to Minecraft Dungeons, you might be new to the world of top-down action RPGs, a hack and slash style genre where you develop character abilities and move through waves of enemies. In Minecraft Dungeons, you are tasked with storming levels to clear mobs and free villages from the evil clutches of the evil Arch Illager.

If you’ve played multiple levels, you might find this too easy or too difficult – good news. You can easily adjust the difficulty before jumping into each level. There’s Global Difficulty, which has three different tiers: Default, Adventure, and Apocalypse. You’ll need to complete the game on each previous difficulty level to unlock the next, proving yourself worthy of taking on the next doomsday challenge. Here’s how long Minecraft Dungeons is – so you can level up. As you progress through the difficulty setting, you have a better chance of finding Minecraft Dungeon artifacts and great rewards, such as the best Minecraft Dungeon enchantments.

Within each Minecraft Dungeons difficulty there is also a threat slider, which ranges from one to six, with one being the least offensive and six being very difficult. Minecraft Dungeons will recommend the difficulty and threat slider based on your current level, making it easy to gauge how comfortable your current skills are. If however, you want more of a challenge, here’s everything you need to know about the difficulty settings and threat slider in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons Difficulty Settings


  • Enemies are balanced for a first game
  • Very few enchanted enemies
  • Rewards are average


  • Enemies are hard to defeat and hit hard
  • New enemy enchantments
  • The rewards are better
  • New Equipment and Artifacts


  • Enemies are ultra tough and ultra punishing
  • Lots of powerful enchantments
  • The rewards are super good
  • Even more gear and artifacts available

Minecraft Dungeons Threat Slider

We have tried and tested all of these settings in the threat slider, even those above the recommended amount, and it presents a lot more challenges. As a level 10, we accepted a level 27 suggestion, with disastrous results. We recommend mounting one on the slider for more challenge, maybe two if you’re confident.