Minecraft Dungeons: Echoing Void DLC is coming next week

Update [Sat 24th Jul, 2021 19:05 BST]: A developer diary of the upcoming “Echoing Void” DLC for Minecraft Dungeons is now out. This next content update will mark the end of the Arch-Illager story and will also be released with an additional free update on the same date (July 28).

original article [Tue 13th Jul, 2021 02:30 BST]: Mojang has announced a brand new DLC expansion for its hack & slash Minecraft Dungeons. It’s titled “Echoing Void” and will be coming to all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, on July 28.

In this new DLC, you’ll face “bold new enemies”, collect even more legendary gear, blast your way through a host of challenging missions, and put an end to untold threats lurking in the same dimension as the Endermen. .

In addition to this DLC, a free content update will also be released at the same time. This includes a handful of powerful enchantments as well as a new “maze-like” mission – Gauunlet of Gales.

“This gauntlet can be accessed through your mission card and contains challenges that require everything from wits and cunning to stamina and determination. I lack all of those skills, but I’ll give it a try anyway!”

Last but not least is the announcement of an Ultimate Edition. This will also release alongside Echoing Void and is the best way to experience all six DLCs at a lower price.

Will you discover the next DLC and the free update of Minecraft? Have you been waiting for something like the Ultimate Edition? Leave a comment below.