Minecraft Dungeons gets ten new achievements with free Cloudy Climb update, out tomorrow

Minecraft Dungeons gets its first Seasonal Adventure tomorrow, and we’ve added the new Cloudy Climb achievements ahead of the update.

There are ten achievements with a total value of 220 Gamerscore, one of which is secret (to reveal the details of the secret achievement, please use this link).

Last name The description Player score
Fashionable climber Obtain melee weapon, ranged weapon, armor and artifact by climbing the tower. ten
Meet and greet Make a purchase from each of the vendors in the tower. ten
tower power Complete a lap race on Adventure difficulty. ten
Indomitable Complete a Lap Race on Apocalypse difficulty. 50
secret achievement Keep playing to unlock this achievement. ten
Well seasoned Reach Seasonal Adventure Rank 10. ten
avant-garde Reach Seasonal Adventure Rank 25. ten
Golden Gauntlet Complete Gauntlet of Gales on Apocalypse difficulty with the golden parrot as a companion 50
So many stairs! Clear 100 floors of the tower. 50
Pet the dog “Who’s a good wolf? You are! Yes, you are.” ten

Cloudy Climb is a new dungeon that pits players against an ever-changing procedurally generated tower, with Adventure Points to be earned based on your performance. These can be redeemed for new cosmetic items, and there’s even more to unlock through the Adventure Pass – a Battle Pass-like system (because of course it is) with free and paid tiers.

Minecraft Dungeons is available through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC. Will you come back for this update? Let us know!