Minecraft Dungeons hit 11.5 million unique players in its first year

Like Minecraft Dungeons has passed its first year since launching last year, Mojang Studios has released some of the game’s stats, and they’re pretty eye-opening.

Obviously, the most interesting statistic is the number of unique players who have checked out the game. Since its launch last May, over 11.5 million unique players have downloaded the game and tried it out. This is obviously helped by the inclusion in Xbox Game Pass on day one. Some of the other stats included include damage taken, blocks walked, and more. Those numbers are in the billions, which means players stuck around to check out the game.

Here are some interesting facts to browse:

  • 419 311 294, 165 blocks traveled.
  • 1,177,182,684 health potions used.
  • 13,101,256,799 items used.
  • 527,014,211 TNT discarded.
  • 1,586,239,178,178,095 damage caused.

Minecraft Dungeons also saw support for Xbox Series X | S this year, as well as cloud backup functionality between systems. In February, the developer confirmed that the game had hit 10 million players, so 1.5 million more have checked it out since then. It’s an impressive feat, and it’s great to see that the game continues to be supported.

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