Minecraft Dungeons, Java, and Bedrock can now be launched from one location on Xbox Game Pass

Now that all three Minecraft titles are on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has created a launcher that can start Dungeons, Bedrock, and Java – you no longer have to mess around with different platforms.

Minecraft has always been a mess. You have the original Java version, the console ports, the mobile edition, the most recent Windows 10 game, and the Dungeons spin-off. The console, mobile, and Windows versions have been consolidated into a single cross-platform edition called “Bedrock” that saves your progress no matter what game you’re playing. You can switch between your laptop, Xbox, and phone with no problem. But switching to Java or Dungeons was a bit trickier on PC until now.


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Microsoft has just created a platform on the Xbox app for PC that lets you launch all three from a single hub. It’s more intuitive and user-friendly, eliminating several intermediaries. It’s still missing Telltale’s Minecraft games, though, so you won’t be able to switch between voice story mode and Diablo-like dungeon crawler on the fly just yet.

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“We are introducing a special feature – the Unified Minecraft Launcher!” Mojang creative writer Cristina Anderca said. “Instead of having separate launchers for Bedrock and Java editions, you’ll be able to start both versions of Minecraft from a single game launcher.”

The launcher itself is free, but you still need to purchase the individual games or subscribe to Game Pass. Otherwise, they will be locked. When you own them, you can easily bounce between them. There are a few benefits to having access to both – Java allows you to switch between updates, meaning you can go back and experience both alpha and beta versions, experiencing the game’s story in real time.

Meanwhile, Bedrock lets you play with your friends using cross-platform realms or personally hosted servers. Both editions have their merits (like Java’s animated modding scene), so it’s handy to be able to switch between them that way. Either way, both are available now with Dungeons, the live service’s hack and slash spinoff.

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