Minecraft Dungeons Runes: Where to find runes locations and what runes unlock explained

Minecraft Dungeons Runes are perhaps the biggest mystery you will encounter in the game.

Available as an optional post-game quest, you must find the rune locations in order to unlock one final secret.

This page explains where to find rune locations and what runes unlock in minecraft dungeons.

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Explanation of runes in Minecraft Dungeons

Once you’ve completed Minecraft Dungeons on default difficulty – defeating the Arch-Illager in the story – you’ll return to the camp area as normal.

It is here that it is possible to access a new area. If you go northwest of the camp, you can pick up a new spring pad to the southeast. Now go south and then west (towards the main camp) and you’ll spawn on the other side of a drawbridge, a location that’s been teasing you this whole game.

Throw the switch here to lower it, allowing you to walk through it in the future. Of course, that’s not really what we’re really here for, because next to that switch is the entrance to a chapel.

Inside is a large hallway with a portal at the end, with the prompt “Place runes”. This will light up one of the panels on the wall.

On your first visit, a single Rune will be lit, indicating that you have a Rune. This is the one you automatically receive for completing the story and reaching the chapel.

To find the remaining runes, you need to find a secret area in each of the main levels. These runes only appear once you’ve defeated the Arch-Illager for the first time, so don’t be surprised if you’ve gone through each level thoroughly and found none on your first run. part.

Although these rune locations are well hidden, there are some useful things to know to help you narrow them down:

  • Although each level is procedurally generated – which means the route is different each time – the “chunks” of level Rune locations will appear each time, from their general orientation to when they appear among d other goals.
  • Each location requires you to find a hidden switch to throw, revealing a door leading you to the Rune.

  • Once you complete the game, runes will appear on any difficulty – even the default difficulty you just completed. This means that if you prefer to speed up each level on this easiest difficulty just to get to the Rune location, you can. (We recommend going for 0.7x difficulty, which will be fairly easy to navigate while still giving you a decent XP for your efforts.)
  • After finding the Rune, you can exit the level by pausing and returning to Camp – there is no obligation to continue and complete it. This is especially useful because some Rune locations are close to where you start.
  • Each of the Rune forms is assigned to a specific level, allowing you to fine-tune the ones you need if you’re missing one or two.

With that explainer out of the way, here are all the rune locations in Minecraft Dungeons in the order they appear in the chapel, from left to right, top to bottom:

Creeper Woods Rune location in Minecraft Dungeons

Once you’ve rescued all the villagers at the end of the level, go southwest of this village to find a usual stone formation in the ground.

There’s a switch just to the north, which you can activate to open up the formation.

Scour this underground lair to find Rune’s location.

Pumpkin Pastures rune location in Minecraft Dungeons

This Rune location is easy to miss. In the first village-like built-up area you come across, explore northwest until you find a raised stone passageway that leads nowhere, with a pile of crates halfway through.

Depending on the level spawned, it may be nestled on a cliff, so look at the map to see the jagged passage sticking out to the northeast.

Once you find it, examine the crates for the hidden switch hidden right behind them.

This reveals a door at the end for the Pumpkin Pastures Rune location.

Soggy Swamp Rune location in Minecraft Dungeons

After defeating the Cauldron boss and opening the door to the back door that completes the level, go northwest of this tiny little area and find a corner column.

The switch is on the ground, revealing a door beyond with the location of the Rune inside.

Redstone Mines rune location in Minecraft Dungeons

This level allows you to save groups of villagers. During the second series (where there are six in total to find), look to the western side of the area, where a minecart track runs against a northern wall.

There’s a hidden switch here next to the wall.

Activate it and enter through the door to the rune location.

Fiery Forge Rune location in Minecraft Dungeons

This Rune location is quite close to the start. Go through the cave opening area until you find a door, which is the only way forward. This takes you to a series of steps with a destroyed Redstone Golem to the left.

Go to the nearby northwest corner where you can find the switch.

Throw it and enter through the door as usual for the level’s Rune location.

Cacti Canyon Rune location in Minecraft Dungeons

About two-thirds of the way there is a gated area on the southwest side where you have to survive an Arch-Illeger ambush and then get a key behind the door that opens.

To the left and outside of the door is a hidden switch that appears when you step on it.

Activating it opens a door behind where the key is, revealing the location of the Rune.

Desert Temple Rune Location in Minecraft Dungeons

Play the level until you meet the objective of finding a golden key. This takes you to a series of rooms to the southeast.

Go to the north of the room with the key location, where you can find a switch on the back wall.

Throw it down and head to the door that reveals Rune’s location.

Highblock Halls Rune location in Minecraft Dungeons

About a third of the way you will come across an outdoor village which will allow you to take two routes into the castle to hold the banquet – a path through the northwest and a hidden well you can walk to the north- is.

From this well, climb the steps to the northern edge, continuing to the top corner, where you’ll find a switch you can throw.

This reveals a door with the location of Highblock Walls Rune.

Obsidian Pinnacle Rune location in Minecraft Dungeons

About a third of the way through the level, you’ll go inside into a castle. Keep going until there’s a banquet hall-style area that extends northwest.

At the end of this hallway is a library bookcase, which hides a switch.

Throw it to reveal a secret area beyond.

Unlike the other Rune slots, this one is in the level itself – along with two chests you can open for valuable loot.

What unlocks Runes in Minecraft Dungeons?

This section explains what all runes unlock in Minecraft Dungeons. Pay attention to spoilers coming soon if you prefer to experience it first hand.

Once you’ve found all the runes on all levels, return to the camp chapel and place the runes on the back portal, revealing a door.

Inside is a scroll with a “new location”, along with two loot boxes.

The new location in question is called ??? and will appear on the map in the upper left, just above Creepy Woods and Creepy Crypt.

There ??? is a cow-themed level, populated by Mooshrooms, a rare enemy type also seen in the original Mineraft, and an homage to Diablo 2’s secret cow level (something later added to Diablo 3 .)

There’s even a special final boss named Mooshroom Monstrosity. Beyond that, there’s nothing else earned for completing this level – so consider it a fun easter egg more than anything.