Minecraft Dungeons: the best builds

In Minecraft Dungeons, there are so many items, weapons, and pieces of armor to choose from that it can be quite difficult to find one that works for you and is powerful enough to beat the bosses. tougher. However, with a better idea of ​​your playstyle and what gear is best for you for such play, you’ll make the Arch-Illager and Heart of Ender quiver in fear.

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One of the best things about Minecraft Dungeons is the quality of its combat. Whether you’re in a party of four or alone, you can defeat any enemy that comes your way as long as you have the skill, persistence, and of course, the right build. Although the first two are a little hard to advise, if you’re looking for the perfect build, look no further.



Beginner build, daggers and hunter armor

Starting the game can be super exciting but a little disorienting. You slowly find your favorite playstyle and the type of gear you like, but it’s easy enough to find increasingly difficult battles without any decent armor or weapons! So for starters, try focusing on easier-to-assemble builds, like this one:

  • Armor: hunters armor
  • Weapons: Dagger and crossbow
  • Items: Regeneration Totem, Firework Arrow, Reaper

With a Cool Down enchantment on the armor, Poison Cloud on the daggers, and Ricochet on the crossbow, you’ll be able to hold your own in early battles. As for items, the Regeneration Totem will heal you beautifully, the Fireworks Arrow is fine in a pinch, and the Harvester is great for the same reasons, but uses souls.


DPS Build, doom crossbow and shroud of titans

When playing in a group, it is important that each person has a different role. The most common four-player tactic is to have two DPS builds, a tank, and a healer. So if you prefer to play as a damage dealer, this is best for you:

  • Armor: Titan’s Shroud
  • Weapons: Claymore and Doom Crossbow
  • Items: Boots of Swiftness, Shock Powder, Death Cap Mushroom

With a combination of Titan’s Shroud and Boots of Swiftness, you’ll be punching and running before you can blink. Titan’s Shroud is great for weapon damage as well as some extra health. Focus on additional protection enchantments if you find yourself losing health quickly.


Tank Build, guardian arc, gravity hammer gameplay, renegade armor

Tank is all about health and damage reduction. These players need to be able to roll with the punches and protect their teammates from any tougher enemies. However, they must also do damage to their opponents! Use this if you want to stay alive a bit longer:

  • Armor: Renegade Armor
  • Weapons: Gravity Hammer and Guardian Bow
  • Items: Weakening Gong, Deathcap Mushroom, Ironskin Amulet

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The Renegade armor is perfect for any tank due to its extra health, damage reduction, and weapon damage increase aura. Enchantments are really based on what you need, but if you get stuck try Frenzied or Final Shout.


Healer Build, Suns grace weapon and Mystery armor

No group is complete without a healer. They are often so overlooked but essential to any battle and will be guaranteed to save the party in the blink of an eye, whether with a Regeneration Totem or an extra attack. To get the most out of your healer build, use these items:

  • Armor: mysterious armor
  • Weapons: Grace of the sun and sabering
  • Items: Medallion of Love, Totem of Protection, Totem of Regeneration

Mystery Armor might feel a bit underpowered for later tiers, but the perks in this set are just ideal for this build if you get the right enchantments. Aim for chill, food reserves, health synergy, and really anything that you think would improve your survival, and that of your teams.

short range

Close Range Build, Death Cap Mushroom, and Hero Armor

For those playing Minecraft Dungeons on their own, tanks, DPS, and healers aren’t much use. You must be the three in one. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have your own style of play! For those of you who like a little close combat, look no further than this setup:

  • Armor: hero’s armor
  • Weapons: Saber and heavy crossbow
  • Items: Mushroom Death Cap, Boots of Swiftness, Weakening Gong

The unique Broadsword gives you a nice push as well as some extra damage that will help you get out of some tight spots. Items allow you to escape if necessary, while also dealing damage and getting that extra hit when you can – perfect for a solo player who isn’t afraid to get in the face of the enemy.

Long range

Long Range Build, Evocation Robe and Maulers

The long reach is perfect for squishy types. It can be quite overpowered and will definitely work quite well when you’re alone, as long as you stay away from enemies. It would also work well as a DPS build. If you want to be the next Robin Hood, look no further:

  • Armor: Evocation Robe
  • Weapons: Maulers and Azure Seeker
  • Items: Firework arrows, shock powder, wind horn

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If you can get infinity on the Azure Seeker, you will become virtually unstoppable, as long as you stay out of close combat due to your armor. This combination is guaranteed to make you feel like a force to be reckoned with.

Speed ​​race

Speed ​​Run Build Armor and Crossbow

For anyone considering sprinting, construction is one of the most important aspects. It can be a bit tricky to guarantee you’ll find this gear, but keeping an eye out will definitely help you complete the game as quickly as possible. Try these if you want it done quickly and efficiently:

  • Armor: Ember Robe
  • Weapons: Frost Fangs and Automatic Crossbow
  • Items: Boots of Swiftness, Feather of Light, Ironskin Amulet

Armor burns nearby enemies and weapons do a lot of damage quickly. Overall, this build does incredible damage and will likely kill enemies before you even hit them with one more hit. Just keep running and punching and you’ll get that perfect speed run.

soul fighter

Soul Warrior Build, Soul robe and Feral soul crossbow

One of the best things about Minecraft Dungeons is its variety. Souls are so different from Minecraft as a whole, but players absolutely love them. After all, they are useful, powerful and have awesome designs. For a full version of soul, try this:

  • Armor: Soul Robe
  • Weapons: Feral Soul Truth Seeker and Crossbow
  • Items: Corrupt Beacon, Harvester, Soul Healer

Depending on whether you prefer close or ranged combat, you can exchange one of the items for a Quiver of Torment which will aid anyone using the Feral Soul Crossbow. With this build you will feel, look and act like an absolute master.

Boss winner

Boss Fighter Build, a boss and the heartstealer weapon

Boss fights can be quite difficult if you’re not equipped for them. Whether you’re alone or with a group of people, everyone needs to have the right build and skills for the job, especially late in the game. Try this if you’re struggling:

  • Armor: fox armor
  • Weapons: Heart Thief and Guardian Bow
  • Items: Regeneration Totem, Flaming Quiver, Boots of Swiftness

Fox Armor doesn’t scream “power,” but getting the right set will help tremendously. It’s even better with the addition of the Heartstealer and Guardian Bow. Using your boots and your totem, you will be able to strike, return, heal yourself and enter again. Or, you can hit, retrieve, heal, and shoot using your Flaming Quiver – with this build, there are quite a few possibilities.

beast lover

Beast Master Build, Medallion of Love, Cave Crawler Armor and Tasty Bone

Who doesn’t love the idea of ​​wandering around the game surrounded by lovable yet powerful beasts? This build is perfect for those who play Minecraft and hunt all ocelots, wolves and even iron golems, and those who would never kill an innocent bat!

  • Armor: cave crawler
  • Weapons: Heartstealer and Elite Power Bow
  • Items: Golem Kit, Love Medallion, Tasty Bone

Using this build will grant you around six companions during a battle, although the Love Medallion will only do all three friendly enemies for ten seconds. Still, give this build a try if you like fighting alongside the adorable animals.

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