Minecraft: How to Get Scaffolding

Have you ever tried to build a house but kept falling off the roof? Do you have trouble climbing up and down ladders? If you like building in Survival Mode but struggle to reach heights, Scaffolding might be the block you’re looking for. However, with its peculiar crafting recipe, it’s not the easiest block to craft, especially if you don’t have quick access to the necessary items. This guide will teach you how to craft and use scaffolding in Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions.

How to Get Scaffolding in Minecraft

Crafting Minecraft Scaffolding

You can craft scaffolding using bamboo and string Minecraft Java and bedrock. Specifically, you need six bamboo shoots and a string to craft six scaffolding blocks. Since the recipe does not fit in the crafting interface of your inventory, you will also need a crafting table.

String can be obtained as a drop from spiders and surveyors. If you’re on peaceful mode, you can also smash cobwebs using a sword as a string. You can also find it in jungle temples and dungeon treasure chests.

Bamboo can be slightly harder to find, depending on your access to a jungle biome. Bamboo breeds abundantly in jungles. Alternatively, you can defeat pandas for drops. Although not guaranteed in Bedrock Edition, Java Edition pandas will still drop a bamboo.

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Once you have obtained six bamboos and a string, head to your crafting table and arrange them according to the image above. If you need more scaffolding blocks, you’ll need to get more materials and repeat the process.

When crafting the scaffold, you can place them like an ordinary block and climb them like a ladder. Like a bamboo plant, breaking the bottom scaffolding block also causes the rest to fall. You can also only build up to six blocks before you have to support the scaffolding. If you try to build a seventh block, the scaffolding will fall to the ground.

Luckily, unlike most bouldering, you don’t have to crouch to keep yourself from falling. Instead, interact with the scaffolding while facing the direction you want to place the auto-build block. It also works when building upwards, meaning you don’t even have to stand above the scaffolding to place it! Be careful if you crouch, though, as you’ll descend the scaffolding, dealing fall damage if there are no support blocks below.

Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation platforms.