Minecraft Legends should lead to new utility mobs for the original game

Of all kinds Minecraft Legends could have tried, the strategy is perhaps one of the most surprising. Minecraft Dungeons‘ dungeon crawling isn’t all that surprising, given the base Minecraftemphasizes exploration in Survival Mode, but strategy requires a level of NPC coordination and tactical thinking not always prevalent in the base game. However, it will probably Minecraft Legends more interesting in the long run, since the premise allows him to experiment with new types of useful mobs and blocks in a strategic setting. If players are lucky, some Minecraft Legends‘ designs will even contribute in the future Minecraft updates.


Admittedly, the spinoffs haven’t had the biggest impact on the bestselling sandbox so far, other than a Minecraft crowd vote that almost got an Iceologist similar to the Minecraft Dungeons enemy in the game. Minecraft LegendsThe concept of strategy, however, can lead to a variety of mob concepts that shine in a sandbox context. It would be logical that the Minecraft Legends The protagonist can partially expand the Overworld’s army by crafting golems, so maybe these golems or other handmade utility monsters will appear in Minecraft, giving players a new way to populate their settlements with helpful artificial neighbors.

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Minecraft deserves more utility mobs

At present, Minecraft only has a few mobs that players can intentionally create as helpers. Iron golems are susceptible Minecraftthe most famous example; although they can spawn naturally in villages, players can also spend their iron to build a Bodyguard. Mojang has also created snow golems as player companions, and while they’re less useful as protectors than their iron counterparts, they can be quite useful as an endless supply of snow. Unfortunately, the list of player-created monsters ends there. Minecraft features many friendly and useful creatures of other types, such as allay, but the list of golems is kept short.

Minecraft Legends seems like the perfect opportunity to expand the roster of handmade monsters. In order to protect the Overworld, players could find themselves creating all kinds of new monsters with distinct uses and behaviors, from coal golems that light fires to amethyst golems that create razor-sharp terrain to ward off. the Piglin Nether army. The Minecraft Legends The reveal trailer already suggests that players can build structures, so it stands to reason that players might also have the option to build a few new monsters. If so, then some of those mobs should find their way into Minecraft.

Just about any new type of golem or other craftable monster could be a great addition to Minecraft. A coal golem could keep the player’s furnaces powered up, an animated scarecrow could guard areas by scaring off hostile mobs, and more. The copper golem, another vanquished Minecraft mob-vote candidate, proved that there are still plenty of creative niches worth filling with handmade utility mobs. Minecraft Legends gives Mojang an opportunity to experiment with this type of creature, so hopefully he looks into the golem archetype to flesh out the Overworld army and test concepts for Minecraft himself.

Now that MinecraftThe Wild update added the solution, players might want to avoid holding their breath for more utility mobs in the near future, but it’s entirely possible that Mojang will put a little more emphasis on the game. idea once it’s finished. Minecraft Legends. The spinoff is a great opportunity for Mojang to reflect on the Minecraft IP differently. Action strategy, dungeon crawling, or any other genre could push Mojang into designs it might not have thought of so quickly focusing on Minecraft like a sandbox game. While many spin-off ideas should be kept separate to maintain its distinct identity, Minecraft deserves to share the fruits of his labor by earning new mobs inspired by the strategy pattern.

Minecraft Legends releasing in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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