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Welcome to our guide to “Chocobo GP: What’s the difference between full and lite versions?”. Is the Lite version of Chocobo GP a better deal? Should you invest your money in the complete edition? We will explain everything to you.

What is the difference between the full and light versions of Chocobo GP?

Single and multiplayer options

The Lite Edition of Chocobo GP seems comparable to the full version when it comes to single player content. The Scenario, Timing Attack mode, Seasons, and Custom Races are still available to players. The Lite version, on the other hand, has a limited list of runners and customization possibilities. The Lite Edition has limited local and online multiplayer. For custom and stock races, you can compete with a friend locally. You will need another player with a full edition of Chocobo GP to play in a larger group locally. Player Lite can enter Chocobo GP local multiplayer lobbies. However, only full version players can establish and manage the local multiplayer lobby. Also, Lite online multiplayer video games are very limited to Chocobo GP. So you cannot add online friends to games with Chocobo GP Lite.


Another notable variation between Chocobo GP’s Full and Lite modes is using the pass. While full version users can purchase the premium pass, which instantly raises their level up to 60, Lite version users can simply purchase the entry level pass.

Use of mithril

The main concern is whether buying the full edition of Chocobo GP would help you avoid annoying microtransactions. In either case, we cannot promise a transaction-free experience. Both versions of Chocobo GP have transactions. It’s a good thing that Mythril is the only real currency required. But Mythril unlocks important features such as the pass. Also, Mythril is temporary. On the contrary, the currency is valid for five months. In summary, don’t waste your Mythril.

The lesser-known in-game currency in Chocobo GP takes time rather than money. Offline modes, like Chocobo GP, have much easier access to tickets. But Gil is harder to find. Only Chocobo GP players can earn it. Consider the first season of the game. Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 and Squall from Final Fantasy 8 are both DLC racers. To unlock Cloud, first purchase a pass using Mythril, then play plenty of Chocobo GP. You don’t need the pass to buy Squall, but you’ll have a hard time earning the 3,000 Gil without it. So even if you buy the full edition, you will need 800 Mythril to start earning Cloud alone. Or, for 2,400 Mythril, you can purchase a Premium Reward Pass, which gives you enough Gil to buy Squall and instantly unlocks Cloud.

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