PSA: Cloning characters in Minecraft Dungeons can wipe out your inventory

Minecraft Dungeons is an excellent and accessible action RPG set in the blocky world of Minecraft. As you move up the difficulty levels, you’ll unlock a huge treasure trove of artifact armor and abilities, giving you access to a whole host of different playstyles and character customizations.

A pretty neat feature that Minecraft Dungeons gives you is the ability to clone a character entirely. This is useful for trying out other builds or having a separate character from your main to spend enchantment points elsewhere without dropping items on your main. The logical alternative would be to have some sort of shared inventory like Diablo III, with the ability to reallocate enchantment points without destroying items (or spending emeralds, perhaps).

In any case, the character clone system is a useful alternative at the moment. While writing character class building guides for Windows Central, I’ve cloned my main several times to spend points on different pieces of gear, then deleting the clones so I don’t lose track of my main.

Source: Windows Central Unique goodbyes. 🙁

Today, however, when I deleted my most recent clone, it reset my main inventory to zero, deleting dozens of unique items I had collected. Luckily, I kept my items equipped, which allowed me to keep playing, but all those other hard-earned items are now gone. I’ve reported the bug to Mojang, but until they fix it, you might want to avoid cloning characters for now.

Update: Some have commented that I may have just deleted the wrong character, but I’m pretty 100% sure I didn’t, because I always give my cloned characters a different skin. That may well be the case I did (yay, no sleep). In any case, it is worth being careful!

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