The future of ‘Minecraft’ includes swamps, spooky monsters and a Game Pass bundle

On Saturday, Mojang held its annual Minecraft Live fan convention. As in years past, the event saw the studio detail the future of its immensely popular sandbox game. And if you are a fan of Minecraftthe livestream did not disappoint.

The studio kicked off the event with the announcement of The Wild Update. Slated for release in 2022, Mojang promises this latest DLC will change the way players explore and interact with the game’s outdoor world. The update will introduce an all-new swamp biome that includes mangroves where players can pick fruit and replant to nurture new plants.

The Deep Dark, which was previously slated for 2021, will now instead launch in 2022 alongside The Wild Update. First announced during Minecraft Live 2020, the DLC adds the Warden, a new enemy character who is one of the scariest in the game to date. Players who brave the DLC will find new special items only available in deep darkness.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update which will be released later this year. In the first half of 2021, Mojang made the decision to split the update into two parts due to the complexity of the features included. At Minecraft Live, the studio said it was the right move, in part because it allowed the team to take community feedback into account. As previously announced, the update will include expanded caves and biomes. This will also increase the height and depth limit of worlds.

Mojang has not forgotten Minecraft Dungeons. In December, the studio will introduce a new feature called Seasonal Adventures. Each week, you and your friends will have the chance to complete weekly challenges. As you complete them, you’ll progress towards a seasonal progression track that will unlock rewards like new skins, pets, and emotes. The first season, The Cloudy Climb, will add a new tower feature and an adventure hub for players to explore.

It’s also the perfect time to try Minecraft for the first time or resume play after an extended break. On November 2, Microsoft will release a Minecraft bundle for Xbox Game Pass on PC. The bundle includes both the Bedrock and Java editions of the game, with single MSA login support for both.

Updates come at a time when Minecraft has never been so popular. Last August, Mojang said that over 140 million players logged in to play the game, marking another milestone for the title. Minecraft Live was then about positioning the game for a future where it continues to grow.

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