This Minecraft flight mod lets you ride on ghosts

Minecraft allows for many wonderful things, like integrating it into your Dungeons & Dragons game or turning it into a blocky version of Elden Ring. While currently players can only ride on land creatures, a Redditor decided to create a flying Minecraft mod to soar as a winged ghost.

Ameito on Reddit reviewed the building set and decided that players should be allowed to build winged creatures. There are several flying Minecraft mobs and Ameito chose the ghost for this experience. The ghost is a mob of undead that only spawns if a player hasn’t slept or died for three or more in-game days, which is specific enough that some players don’t have one. never seen.

Ameito’s mod allows players to ride the elusive creatures, using an eye of ender to tame them. “When you cast an eye of ender at a ghost,” the modder explains, “it kills it and summons an invisible llama and a new ghost with specific wards. The ghost is constantly teleported into llama position, so when you mount on the llama, you feel like you are riding the ghost.

It may as well be magical for many of us, but the end result is being able to take flight on a creepy black creature of the night. Since the ghost is undead, it would normally burn during the day, but Ameito disabled that particular aspect to prevent any issues mid-flight. It’s a fun little mod, but it’s one that opens up a lot of potential options – sky racing, anyone?

There is no flying monster you can ride in Minecraft so I thought it would be cool if there was one and made this from Minecraft

In other semi-Minecraft related news, there’s a wonderful recreation of a supermassive black hole you can explore if you want to be compressed into a singularity.

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