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Whether it’s enchanting, leveling up quickly, or teaming up with friends, here’s everything you need to know about how to play Minecraft Dungeons.

How to Play Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons puts you in control of your own adventurer as you fight your way through various terrains and dungeons, with the goal of stopping the evil Arch-Illager and his campaign of terror.

Does that sound intense to you? Well, yes and no. Minecraft has a signature feel, which keeps things light and accessible to a wide audience.

That being said, you will encounter hordes of monsters and other enemies along your journey…so don’t take it too lightly!


Combat plays a big role in Minecraft Dungeons and you’ll need to use a number of techniques to survive.

You can equip various weapons, some much better than others, to get away with it in one piece.

Unlike other games of the genre, weapons are available to everyone. This means you can basically create your own class to suit your playstyle.

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The key to success is choosing the right weapon for the job. However, it doesn’t stop there…


Enchanting items is basically enhancing them to give them certain special powers.

For example, if you wanted to enchant a sword with the ability to set your enemies on fire, you can do that.

Similarly, if you wanted to enchant a bow with the ability to poison enemies, enchant it!

LIGHTNING FAST: Upgrade your gear to unlock devastating moves!

Rather than having you upgrade your character, Minecraft Dungeons gives you the option to upgrade your gear with enchantment points.

Kill mobs, complete levels, conquer questlines and you will level up.

Then you can upgrade and customize your gear as you see fit.

How to enchant

Show your inventory screen – you should be notified when you level up and gain enchantment points.

Select the “swag” you want to upgrade from everything you’ve collected on your travels and press “Y” or “Triangle” on your controller to bring up the enchantment options

Select the enchantment and press ‘A’ or ‘X’. This will spend the points and add the enchantment to the piece of gear!

LIKE ENCHANTING! Check every time you level up to see what enchantments you can add to your armor!

How to “build” classes

As mentioned, there are no specific classes in the game. You can, however, adjust your character to resemble some of those classic classes you know and love. Let’s see how.

Mage class

Discover different artifacts, enchantment choices, weapon effects and items and use them to kill mobs and collect souls. Souls will power your abilities through your artifacts!

Use the Lightning rodfound at the start of the game, and The Corrupt Beacon to full effect. Both pack a punch, with the latter emitting a powerful beam of light that deals 185 damage!

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Warrior Class

If you want to go for this classic tank build, look no further.

You will need high health and high damage. We recommend going for the Champions armor paired with Claymore.

The Claymore is slow, sure, but deals incredible damage.

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The best advice of all though is to pick up the game and find out! The game features co-op modes so you can also explore and adventure with friends!

Minecraft Dungeons is coming later this month, and we can’t wait to get our hands on what looks like a fantastic addition to the Minecraft universe.

For all things Minecraft Dungeons, be sure to check back with us.