What is the Best Soul Build in Minecraft Dungeons

In Minecraft Dungeons, loading a player is called a build. In a build, players can use their favorite weapons in different ways. Players can equip certain artifacts, pets, weapons, and armor to try and complete their goal. Sometimes that goal is simply to beat the level. In this case, using solid construction is a good thing.

Other times, a construction has a purpose. Players can have a build to try and prioritize collecting emeralds or some other goal. One of the most popular builds is a soul build, where players set their loadout to prioritize collecting souls.

There are many ways to do this, as there are many soul-based weapons, armor, and items in Minecraft Dungeons. It ultimately comes down to player preference. Players can build themselves or use a pre-made version. This article will explain a good soul build that players can try.

Best Soul Build to use in Minecraft Dungeons

The melee weapon for good soul building should be either the soul knife or the soul scythe. Obviously, both of these weapons collect souls, but they’re also good on their own. Soul Knife has:

  • X melee damage
  • Push Attack
  • +1 Gather Souls

On the other hand, the scythe of the soul has:

  • X melee damage
  • +1 Gather Souls

Like this photo, I post it. (It’s actually a Soul Scythe from Minecraft Dungeons.) https://t.co/BfYrqdxSzD

The armor used for a soul build should be the soul robe. He has the following abilities:

  • +X health
  • +X% Soul Gathering
  • +50% artifact damage.

Soul Robe collects 100% souls, so souls added by weapons will be collected if this armor is used. For ranged weapons, soul builds can have a variety of weapons. However, the soul bow is probably the best as it has increased ranged damage and additional soul gathering.

Soul Robe (Image via Mojang)
Soul Robe (Image via Mojang)

Artifacts in this build should be the Lightning Rod, Reaper, and Corrupted Beacon. Players can make the most of these artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons.

Lightning Rod damages nearby enemies with lightning. The Harvester unleashes a huge explosion of souls, and the Corrupted Beacon destroys almost everything in its path. It is widely considered one of the best artifacts in the game, which is why most soul builders use it.

Naturally, this soul building will not work best for everyone. Builds are complex and often reflect the player’s playstyle. Their weapon choice between Soul Knife and Soul Scythe may vary, and they may also want other weapons or armor.

The great part about Minecraft Dungeons is that there can be variety, even in a build focused on collecting souls. Players can also customize the preset builds to fit their own style of play.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author.

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