Where is the blacksmith in Minecraft Dungeons (2022)

There are several merchants in Minecraft Dungeons. They are used to provide players with items for a certain price. Each merchant must be saved from a particular level before they even appear in the camp with goods to peddle.

Each merchant has a different characteristic, which makes them all quite unique and gives them something to offer that makes them necessary.

One of the most useful merchants in the game is the blacksmith. This merchant originally functioned as the Mystery Merchant, which can give players somewhat random items. Now he’s doing something completely different.

Before players can use it, however, they must save it. Here’s how to do it and access it later.

Minecraft Dungeons Blacksmith: A Complete Guide

In order for Minecraft Dungeons players to get the blacksmith to their camp, they must first save him from the Arch-Illager, the main boss of the entire game. This can be done in Redstone Mines, the game’s fifth level.

Redstone Mines (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Redstone Mines (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

In this level, the blacksmith will be different from his appearance in the camp. In the mines, he will have his mask up and look a lot like his Minecraft counterpart. However, when he arrives at camp, the mask will fall off and the design will be slightly different.

Unfortunately, there is no specific location players can go to find and free the blacksmith. It has no static spawn, which means it can spawn almost anywhere in the level.

Once players find the blacksmith, they can free him. The crowd will then venture into the camp. After that, his services will be available for players. Following the Creeping Winter update, the blacksmith received a major overhaul.

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Initially, it gave players a random item, as mentioned above. Following the update, you could use the blacksmith to improve your equipment. They might argue that the function it performs now is much more useful than before.

The blacksmith is quite easy to find in the camp. Players can enter the location with all the merchants and turn right. The blacksmith will be in front of the Mission Select location.

Camp setting (Image via 04AM on YouTube)
Camp setting (Image via 04AM on YouTube)

It is also next to the gift wrapping. Minecraft Dungeons players can go to the blacksmith and hire his services immediately after freeing him and leaving the redstone mines. Luxury Merchant, Piglin Merchant and others will also be found here.

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